Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Always the Way

Why is it that just when you find the best product around to do one thing or another, the store keeps it for about six months, the dumps it just as it become popular. And it's not just your local store, it's every store around your city, and the state that doesn't stock it.

I've noticed this with Coles, Woolworths, IGA and other small grocers as well. It doesn't matter where I go with my shopping, when I find something I like, and it works well in my home, it'll vanish from the shopping shelves within the year I've been using it - causing me to have to find another product just like it.

For example, I found that Finish put out a handwashing detergent... it came in two scents (lemon and tangerine) and you didn't have to use too much. It cut through the grease - just like the dishwasher detergents the company designed - and didn't leave a coating on my dishes! And man, I loved the stuff! I bought it in a large bottle, which lasted me around six months and I never found a fault with it. But when the time came to buy a new container of it, do you think I could find another one anywhere? No. I have contacted the company and they have yet to reply to my email about why they removed it from our shopping centre shelves. 

Another one is Buderim Ginger, Lime and Lemon marmalade.  It was the most delicious and wonderful stuff I ever found... and I went through bottles of it (around 9 bottles in the past 3 years). It was delicious on toast, English muffins and scones... and as quickly as it was on the shelves of Coles and Woolworths, it disappeared and was replaced with Buderim Ginger Jam. Now, I've tasted this, but have found it a little too gingery for my tastebuds - I'd rather the other one which is more lime and lemon with a touch of ginger in the background and not too sweet. However, seeing how the ginger jam doesn't sell (yes, I've been noticing that the shelves are always full at Coles where I live and never half empty like they used to be with the other jam from the same company on offer), it makes me wonder exactly why the company stopped making the other jam in the first place.

Why do companies stop making items and products which are making them plenty of money? Are they scared of becoming great successes; or they just testing something out first on us - the unsuspecting public first - before they put something even better on the market? If this is the case, why don't they just tell us this instead of showing us something, letting us get used to is then yanking it away from us as though they're teasing us in the school yard? We're not stupid. We're the public... can't they see when we like something, no matter how small the success is? If they can't, they're not playing the game right.  

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