Friday, May 20, 2016

It's Been A Pay Week

I never thought this week would end... but end it must - thank goodness!

On Monday, I was off to my craft group where I served up cream scones with freshly whipped cream and yummy Apricot jam. Well! Those scones didn't last 20 minutes! They were gone before we settled into our routine... it looks like I cracked the recipe well and truly. 
I scored some bread and found a few other things at the book trolley I liked and bought there. Otherwise, I had a good day doing stitching for another pin cushion. However, next week, I'll probably be doing a painting - I'm not sure.

Well, Tuesday was a nice day. I got to see a friend of mine in the morning for a few hours then I took my time and cleaned out the fridge once I got home. The next day was shopping day, so I thought to wash up all the containers I use for fruit and the grapes that day too.

Wednesday saw me out early to get petrol, check the tyres and to the Rochedale Fruit Market. I did my usual rounds of buying everything I needed at Logan Central Plaza and Triple C shopping Centre. But then I was told by Kylie at Woodys' that the kiosk they had going there was closing down next week!! I mean, what??? Where was I supposed to order in my 'Supernatural' Season 11 now? This is so unfair and everyone she told felt so let down. I paid off my 'Blackstar' vinyl by David Bowie (yes it's the second one I've bought - this one is to play, while my other one is kept wrapped up). While I was there, I also bought 'The Stand' teleseries on dvd (special edition) and a few cds of music which were about $2 - $3 each; and all without cases. 
For the rest of the day, I got my shopping done at Coles and I ended up getting home after midday. 

Thursday was another early day for me to be away from the house. I was attending a workshop at the Logan Art Gallery about fibre and string making. It was interesting and fun to do, right up until my arthritis kicked into my fingers and I couldn't get in and do anymore twisting or stripping. So, I found something else to do and made a wreath from some wool and other found objects. It's turned out to be very pretty.

Today was a busy morning for me; and this arvo is for me to chill out here at home - seeing I haven't really had that much time to myself. This morning, I was at the optometrist to get my eyes check. With my medication, the Topamax can affect my eye sight in the long term - okay, it can send me blind without me really noticing. So, I have to get my eyes looked by my optometrist every year to make sure this doesn't happen.  I had enough money in my private health cover to get another set of frames - and I'm getting another set of reading glasses; funky 1960's ones. 
Once I finished there, I bought a big cd/dvd sleeve book which holds all my burnt and singles in one place. I'm so pleased I've done this as it stops me from getting little ones all pulled together. Anyway, after I bought that at Big W for just $28 - and it holds 200 cd/dvds - I was off to Bunnings to pick up the things I need for tomorrow's work around my garden. I got 3 bags of potting mix, 2 bags of stones and 3 little feet for the pot (matching in colour too). Then, I was off to RACQ at Eight Mile Plains to pay for my RACQ for the year. 

Now, I'm home, I am thinking about what to have for dinner tonight. I was going to use the slow cooker, but I might save that for tomorrow night. Tonight, I might pull together a lasagne ... yummo! I can't wait. Well, that's my week. Busy, yes, interesting, yep... finished? Not by a long shot! Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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