Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chillin' Sunday?

I thought today I would chill out, relax and do not much at all - except maybe wash the car, yes my very dusty, dirty car - but that didn't happen.

As I opened the back door of my place, I saw that the possums had been at my back yard. They had been swinging on the newly potted Frangipani; making it tip out of its pot and fall! So, I rushed out there and dig a deeper hole in the pot for it, use up the rest of the potting mix and make sure it was in the pot better before I went out into the car port and grabbed my gloves and some really tall stakes to support it. I seriously didn't think it would need this, but it looks like it does for a while. I also had 2 pairs of panyhose I was going to take back to Big W, but thought to reuse as ties for the plant instead. They are kinder to plants than wire and last longer than anything else... plus plants don't have to grow around them. Now, the plant is secure.

I looked at the time and it was 8:45am... jeez... I hadn't even put on the coffee! So, I rushed around, locked up the shed and put the coffee on after I washed my hands. By the time I had gotten my pancakes made, eaten and coffee drunk, it was getting onto 10am. I needed to wash my car - so I did. This took me about an hour. 

By the time I hung out the cloth and sponge, I noticed that my Large Leaf Jade was putting out little buds - the beginnings of flowers - for the Winter! How cool is that? 

However, I was hoping to chill out today... relax. After the last week I've had... I think I just want to sleep. Last Monday was craft day. My home made scones vanished within 10 minutes ... everyone loved them. 
Tuesday had me driving around half of the south side of Brisbane looking for a dress to wear to Friday night for the Allsorts Opening. This turned out to be harder than I expected. Woodridge Life Line didn't have any dresses I like - or fitted into. So, I tried the Salvation Army up on Logan Road (near Hume's House) and then finally, I jumped on the highway and headed off to Stones Corner to get myself into the clothing district there - only to find it had vanished over time! Damn! So, I headed off to Vinnies there. And there? Well, I found three gorgeous dresses for under $30 and they all fitted me! I love them! The decision now was... which one to wear on Friday night.
Wednesday had me at my folks' house asking my Mum which one to wear... she thought they were all lovely; and she didn't know which one was better either. So, it was up to me. But the longest one needed taking up.
I picked up my new reading glasses from the optometrist on Thursday and bought some stockings and small things on the way through, then on Friday I went to the chiropractor for a morning visit, only to have to return because she didn't do a good job on my back. She had worked on only half my back; and the lower lumbar region pinched all my nerves.  I was in so much pain I almost couldn't walk. But she fixed it and I made it to the Allsorts opening; only to find out my piece was the only needlepoint piece in the whole exhibition! Very cool!

Well, that was my week... very busy, no stopping and every day filled up. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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