Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Busy Month!

This month has been one long, sticky heat wave of a month - and tomorrow being February and all, it's not going to let up. It's going to get hotter and stickier and we're going to drink more water than we've ever drunk.

But I'm going well. 

I've begun my decluttering of my house - and it's going better than ever! My master bedroom is looking the best it has ever looked. The bathroom has been cleaned out completely! The kitchen is being completely tidy - no thanks to the ants trying to take it over every time I leave anything on the sink (so I have to make sure I wash up no matter how late it is at night). 

The car is running better than it did last month. The battery is going well. I'm saving up money for the rego and everything else that goes with it. And I'm making sure the whole vehicle works well.

My vacuum cleaner blew up on me. But then, when you think of where I live, how long I've had it and how much dirt and dust and crap would be in the filters... well, I'm not surprised it did. And no, I don't trust something blew up once and then works again when somebody else turns it on. Just because it works when it's cooled down doesn't mean it's going to behave itself when it comes back home with me. So, I'm going to save up some money and buy another vacuum cleaner - a bagless one, so I don't have to change bags all the time.

The dashcam is going really well. I didn't know there were so many stupid drivers out there - okay one of them is me sometimes - but really, do people think that they're going to be able to try and shove me out of the lane I'm in just because they're in 'the wrong lane'? And don't get me started on pedestrians... stop looking at your stupid phones and walk down the street normally!

I scored a 3mx3m gazebo for nothing... and I found out why it was free. It had broken and been fixed and when Dad and I fixed it again, it broke again! OMG! I can't believe it did that to me... us! So, I tossed the whole frame and kept the canopy. There's nothing wrong with it. 

Anyway, that's my month. I'm still cleaning out my house. The place is beginning to look good now. I've moved some furniture around and now there's more cleaning out to be done ... yep, more fun to do this year! Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember I'm always here.


  1. You can't even understand who I close I'm to your problems, I hate Februar. This is the last month of the winter, Christmas is already gone, and spring is not here. Awful weather, awful mood. And I must clean the whole house and wash all winter clothes. Last year we moved to New Zealand, the weather is totally different, and I missed spring in London. The shores is crazy, here is huge rate og humanidy, everywhery spead moss and mold, no one can clean house by themself, here we used special treatment and special service, it called Supercity Property Services Thank God, inside is not so much to clean. But I missed London so much! Even the rainy days.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Jamysha. I can understand your feelings about the weather. We've been waiting for the rain and storms which normally inundate our Summers, but none have come.

      It's just been so humid and hot and we need the rain badly. Decluttering a house is bad enough in the heat... I'd love the chills of Winter to visit just if only for a little while.