Sunday, January 8, 2017


I'd like to talk about something which is ruining lives everywhere; and I have found has touched my life in the past year, and has pissed me off to no end because of how I've found out about its affects on my life, and the family of a close friend.

Last year, I sent out Christmas Cards to everyone I normally sent them to - and received cards in return. However, there was one person who I didn't receive a card from. Now, I have been concerned about her for over a year, and have been trying to track her down since Christmas 2015 without success. Her parents were the ones who informed me that she wasn't ill from Cancer or any other sickness; but it was a drug she had gotten hooked on - yet they wouldn't tell me which one.

Another friend of mine, who I've known within my unit complex, and I had dinner one night before he moved to New Zealand; and we got talking about my friend. He asked me to tell him about what's been going on, and he shook his head, saying that he's dumped a lot of his friends because they've been hooked on ice. And he's sad to tell me that it sounds like my friend is also another victim to this dreadful drug.

He told me that I will never hear from her again.

Today, after weeks of trying not to think about it, it suddenly hit me: I will never, ever see my friend again. I had just finished with my shower, dressed and done my hair and stopped. I don't know how long I cried for, but this thought has shattered my heart. I went to high school with her. I remember watching her three boys grow up from babies. I remember when she told me of her first pregnancy... that I was one of the first people to know about it. 

And now? I feel as though I've lost a precious gem at some point, but I don't remember when.

I have tried calling her. I have been to her house. But she won't take my calls and she won't let me into her house. It's a big thing I feel as though she's kept a huge secret from me when I've been open and honest about everything to her my whole life. I've always asked if she wanted me to drop around and we'd catch up and talk - but she's always said no. And the more she said no, the more I have wondered why; and the more I asked her why she didn't want me around, the less she talked.

So, if you have found friends or family members are acting like this, please find them help. They will not ask for it, because it's something they won't be able to do. It's something the drug takes away from them. I have lost a close friend, and it hurts like hell... 

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