Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Fire Rooster Year

Last year was a bad one.

Really bad. 

There were so many celebrities who passed away I knew and loved and I felt as though I was losing friends through some of the greatest television shows I watched as a child. And don't get me started on the musicians who died either.

I've been at the coast for a few days calling in the New Year of 2017 and I'm really hoping it's going to be a much better year than last year.

It has to be.

When I drove down here, it took 2 hours to get here, only to have my car die on me when I pulled up outside the bowls club for a few minutes. That little 10 minute phone call to my folks I made on the side of the road cost us a new battery from the NRMA roadside assistance people - thank goodness I have that all paid up. 
And it's so busy down here and filled with so many people that I can't drive anywhere around Brunswick Heads because there's nowhere to park. So, it's all walking or cycling (if you can find a place for your bike). Plus the weather is lovely during the day and sticky and hot at night... not exactly what I'd call perfect.

The upside is that we are in for some storms tonight and rain for the rest of the week. I love it when it rains here. Things get so quiet and easy for us. The rain settles everything down and makes it easier to sleep at night as well.

We had a great NYE right on the banks of the Brunswick Heads River with about 25 other people on a long set of tables. There was so much food; and we were all dressed up in costumes and there was a trivia night too... so much fun! My family were given India as the country we had to work with; and we totally enjoyed getting into the cooking, making up the trivia (which had to be real facts about the country) and dressing up for it all too. Fortunately for us, I own a bindi kit. And Mum and I were sporting a lovely bindi on our foreheads for a good part of the night... made from proper bindi power and gold dust too. People were very impressed!

I've been reading a lot and writing poetry here too. It seems this is the only place I write some of my best poetry. I don't write very good poetry in Brisbane. The longer I'm here in Brunswick Heads, the better my poetry becomes... the sea air much clean out my brain cells. I don't know what goes on.

Well, it looks like we're in for a storm soon, as over the back, near the mountains of Ocean Shores, have turned all dark grey. I hope we get a storm tonight and it rains at some point this week. So, how was your New Years' Eve? Did you guys party or stay in with a small amount of people? Or did you just chill out, watch 'Star Wars' and remember Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds? And I found out today that we lost another great actor: William Christopher. He was the quiet priest on M*A*S*H. Such a lovely man I've heard. Alan Alda was known to say that 'Bill wasn't acting when he played the Father. That was him as a person.' What a way to be remembered. Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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