Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mid-Week Clean-Up

Yesterday afternoon, I got in and did some serious cleaning up.  But I began some of it in the morning by putting on the laundry and washing the blanket from the lounge/sofa-bed.  While it was being washed, I figured out which angle to put it so it folded out with enough room.  Since I received the entertainment unit, I have found that the sofa-bed doesn't have that much room to fold out... so I thought to pull it out while I had the time.  And I found that while it faced the front window, it opened out with plenty of room to spare around the side and end; so long I had it pushed against the unit and not the piano.
After the blanket - and a few other things - were flapping in the strong winds yesterday, I cleaned out my art area by the back door.  The first things I pulled out were a whole of tools that belonged in the sheds in my carport.  So, out they went back into their places.  While I was out there, I reorganised the left hand one; pulling out a Styrofoam box and throwing it away, moving a nice terra-cotta half pot (one that hangs off a fence by hooks that I have yet to use but haven't due to the rotten condition of my fences) to the bottom shelf, then organising my tools so I can get to them quickly if and when I need to.  Once that was done, I closed and locked up the shed again after I checked up on my poisons and chemicals to make sure they hadn't evaporated to nothing (which one had and I tossed out).  
Once back inside, I picked up the red box with all the broken books inside it and took it out the back yard to sort.  Inside this box, I found three bags: one was empty (so I used that as a rubbish bag), one was full of hair brand new hair clips (oops, I forgot about those!) and the last one had really old handbags in it (double oops, I remember I had those somewhere!).  Well, I also found an unopened powerboard too... so I'll open that one this week and use it at Christmas; add it to the Christmas lights.  As for the broken books (which I bought already falling apart and just made worse by pulling apart and making a collage out of them), I tossed them out in the rubbish for pick up this morning.
When I got back inside, I put the lounge back together, put the cushions back on it, along with the torn main cover (which I have to get another one for) and then threw the colourful cushions onto it and cleaned up the place a little before going upstairs to clean up the office.
I took the hair clips upstairs, put them into the bathroom - where they belong to be used - and the handbags in my bedroom and put my cordless phone where it normally sits when I'm online to tidy up the desk.  A lot of books were put away - mainly ones I've read and needed a home to while away time time before I lend them out to friends and family for them to read.  Otherwise, I grabbed a 'green bag' and put a lot of childrens books that had been sitting on the floor into it and sat it under the air conditioner, then I went through a lot of stuff on my desk and made sure most of it went into a rubbish bag; while anything else that could be shredded went into the yellow Daffodil Bag for shredding for next week.  
Then, I did a big rubbish run, collected the bag from the shredder and tidied up the place a bit before taking all the rubbish downstairs to the wheelie bin.  Before long, it was 3pm:  time for a shower and an hour's work on my painting I've been working on for the last few weeks.  Well, that's my clean up so far for this year... got a lot done for one afternoon.  Still got a lot to do today and tomorrow before the end of the week arrives; and then I can relax a bit on the weekend and get in some serious reading.  Until my next post, take care, keep warm, keep safe and remember, I'm always here.

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