Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winter Is Here!

Well, as you can tell from my change of template background, Winter is here.  I thought to make it look all snowy and lovely - seeing we don't see any snow here in Queensland - and the last time I was in the snow was when I was 19 and in the South Island of New Zealand going through Arthur's Pass.  That was a great day for snowball fights! 
Today, I went out early to a emergency course of what to do at the Art Gallery.  It was really interesting to brush up on my skills of what I've learned from years ago as a Floor Warden when I used to work; and believe me, I had forgotten quite a bit of the information I knew back then.  
But it has been a freezing cold day today; even with the sun poking its head through the clouds.  I rugged up nice and warm and made sure Little Miss Stevie was toastie under her covers when I left the house.  When I arrived home, she was still all fluffed up on her perch, snuggled up to her mirror.  I took the covers off for a little while; but the house was too cold and they went back on.
While I was out, I picked up a prescription and tried to find a copy of 'Good Reading' magazine.  Unfortunately, there wasn't a copy to be found anywhere.  So, I've contacted the editor and let her know of the problem; and she's really not impressed that this has occurred to the newsagencies in Brisbane again.  She knows it's the distributors and deliveries people and she's been cracking down on them when she gets a complaint from us readers - any complaint - about not being able to find their magazines in the right places.  Rowena's happy I've been keeping an eye out for the magazines up here (as she's in Sydney) so she knows if the magazine is making it up here.
Well, that's my first post for this month... not a long one, but not much happened today.  Until my next one, take care, keep warm and remember, I'm always here.

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