Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bad Week

This week could have been better for me; really it could have been.  First off, my computer stopped remember the sites I have been frequenting all because I cleared the cookies on it and it cleared everything else.  Then, I went up to it yesterday to move all the files of my work and photographs from the last 3 years onto an external drive when it wouldn't hook up my keyboard or mouse.  Now, I wouldn't worry so much about the mouse but the keyboard is something I can't live without.  And I didn't have one that plugged into the back as I gave that away to Dad once I got my cordless one and the cordless mouse installed.
Then, I was talking to my brother, Gabe, and he said the battery in the hard drive could have been the thing that is causing all my problems.  So, Dad and I replaced that finicky little thing and now the silly thing will start up, but nothing comes up on the screen... damn!  It looks as though I'm up for a new computer.  No worries, I was pricing around for this kind of thing anyway; and I have been offered some pretty good deals, one of them from the usual computer people I used to fix my computer in the first place a few years back.  I'm not sure yet, but I know that my computer is ka-put!

Otherwise, it's given me a chance to get my butt into decluttering my house.  I've begun small and have started working in the kitchen/dining room, lounge and coffee table and around the where the phone sits to recharge.  The kitchen table looks like a huge explosion of paper!  And I'll be going through that over the next few days to make it go away.
There are other places I have to work on as well to make the place a little bit more presentable, like my bedroom.  There's a basket of clean laundry I have to fold and put away and plenty of other things that need to be put away as well.  However, I need to dust in my bedroom and also vacuum, but that will all be done once I clean first.
Other than all this over the last 24 hours, I've been listening to vinyls, knitting, chatting to Little Miss Stevie and just sitting around and sorting through the crap on the coffee table (and honestly, I didn't know I had so much paper and empty envelopes just dumped on there!).  So, the computer dying has been a blessing in disguise.  It's helped me a little with getting my nose out of cyberspace so much and back into my decluttering program.  And it's also helped me slow down just a little.  But I do miss being on here; as all my work is on the computer; my writing that is.  So, if I want to work on my books, I need a computer to do it.  A real Catch-22 isn't it?  Well, until my next post - which will most probably next week sometime - take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. has asked some advice about your computer issues. I was told it could be your RAM dying if you are losing some of the files and/or passwords to access your online accounts. Re-check your monitor to see if there is any power. If there is power, re-do the installation from CDs of your cordless devises and windows programs. And re-update your Firefox.

    1. The computer has now disconnected the keyboard and mouse and the screen is no longer talking to the computer either... however, the computer will start up and keep running, but nothing comes up on the screen.

      So, I'm up for a new computer.