Thursday, August 16, 2012

Small Victories

I've been working a bit on organising my place while I'm looking at getting my internet back up.  Since I'm spending less time on the net and more time looking around at my messy townhouse, I've begun cleaning out and organising again.

At first, I didn't think I could fill my days with much.  But once I began looking around, I took a look in some of the wardrobes and around the place, I realised I had to make my place better organised than it was.  So, now, it's the small places that I'm doing the organising.  And you know what they say:  the devil's in the details.
So far, I've reorganised the corner next to the pantry and tidied it up.  It looks good, but I have also lost my tax card and a prescription for my medications... bummer.  I'm sure I'll find them both at some point, but I'm not sure when.  Then, I pulled out the drawers below the phone charger and cleaned them out and put away all my notebooks - and do I have a lot of notebooks!  Mum must have given me about 10 or so notebooks; and now they fill a draw!  I have said to her that I don't need anymore notebooks... and really I don't.
I also have lots of herbs in packets I've been getting from 'The Spice Mart' at Logan Central.  It's a great place with fresh herbs and I love going there when I need Paprika.  However, I've been using a lot more herbs in my cooking and have nowhere to keep them.  So, today, I bought another container to keep my herbs in.  It had a handle on it - which I removed - and I slotted them in, re-organised the shelf and now it's looking more like a place I'd like to find my herbs than lose them!
The fridge was next; and this one was a long time coming.  I had to remove a shelf from it.  This meant I had to take all the food off the top shelf, put it all on the counter, pull the top shelf out, move the next shelf up (yep, more food out of the fridge!) and then re-arrange it all to fit!  This included sorting out some plates with paint on them.  Now, I can fit in tall bottles and large cartons of milk inside the body of the fridge; and it won't go sour.
I did a bigger organising exercise in the last few days; and that was the office.  I've been meaning to get it tidied up, but have been too lazy to get going with it.  And seeing the computer in the room isn't working, I now have the time to get into making the room presentable to use as a proper office.  So, I put all the paper and stuff in front of bookcase 2 in three green bags, moved them, and climbed my ladder to sort out the books on top of the bookcase.  I sorted out about 10 books - some of them pretty big - that I didn't want and have added them to two boxes to be sold off at a garage sale soon.  This office is slowly getting to be looking good.  I have to work on the desk soon; to make it look better, as there's a lot of paper still sitting around on it and I have to go through it all... and that's another job to be done.  
So, have you scored small victories around your home lately?  Have you begun your Spring Cleaning this year?  It seems that I do mine all year round, but have been getting into it lately because of my lack of permanent computer.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

Pantry shelf sorted 

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