Thursday, August 2, 2012

Only Thursday!

This week has been busy for me and I feel as though it's going to get busier before the week is out!  On Sunday - as you may have read - I had the biggest problems with my computer.  Even though I'm writing this at home, I've still got problems.  I'm unable to upload photos to my blogs, can't get onto websites I seldom go to and can't get into my Hotmail account as it comes up as a blank page (oh, yay, how wonderful! Not!).  All this began happening bit by bit last week when Firefox updated its browser.  However, the problem became quickly worse when I deleted my cookies and the computer deleted a collection of other things along with them!  Not a good sign!
Well, I've introducing myself to my computer each day as though I'm a new person every time I turn this stupid thing on.  All my sessions aren't remembered, and I have to punch in my passwords all new and it's driven me to having to buy another computer; just as the Super Geek guy had recommended I did a month or so ago.
In between the times of me looking around for prices on computers in the last week, I've been cleaning up the house, doing laundry, putting out the rubbish and going to and from my folks' place to be able to get onto the net properly.  Then, on Wednesday, I had to get my shopping done and that took a good part of my day up and fortunately I got everything I needed - and then nearly left my blue shopping trolley at the checkouts at Coles!  Yeah, my mind was somewhere else.  I've done that a few times by accident and gone back to get it.  Not a good thing.
Today, I'm off to the chiropractors and one of my friends is celebrating her birthday.  I've known Kylie Lovejoy since high school and we caught up at our 20 year Class Reunion last year.  Very cool to see her again.  And just when I wanted to send her a virtual card on Facebook, the graphics on that dies on me too.  So, that's another thing that doesn't work either... great!
Well, tomorrow, I'll be busy too.  The weekend is another lot of busy-ness for me as well and social too.  I'm off to a concert around Logan and then on Saturday, I'm hoping to get some work done around the house where I can get in and tidy up, the house and garden a little more than it has been and work on my painting that's been sitting on the easel for the last 4 months.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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