Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Official!

It's over.  My computer is no longer able to be used.  I did get it started long enough yesterday to transfer 95% of my photos and all of my written material that was on the hard drive.  And I did it all in one big hit.  I grabbed the 'My Pictures' folder and pulled it onto Mum's external drive and it took around an hour to put all the photos on to that.  Then, I pulled the whole folder of 'My Documents' over which held all of the things I've ever written on there.  However, after switching computers - from mine to Mum's - I found that my computer failed to move across this year's photos... yep, it didn't have any of this year's photographs on it.  So, this morning, I tried my computer again and to my heartbreak, it didn't want to talk to anything - not my keyboard, mouse or monitor.  And I hate to admit this, but it is time to get a new computer.

However, I have had time to look around the house - since I have had a limited time on the internet lately - and fix a few things up, catch up on some much-needed reading, start on another art project I've been putting off and tidy up the office.  And these are things that have been looking at me for months.  So, I have begun working them bit by bit.
Yesterday was a warm day - unusually warm for August - so I took advantage of it and stripped the bed, washed all my sheets and did my handwashing and hung it all out on the line outside.  Then, I flipped the mattress of my bed and got the bed all made up before the sun went down and the clothes horse put away and the rubbish put out just after dinner.  I also started on a Christmas present for my brother and his fiance (something hand-made) which usually takes me about a month to do.  This time, I'm taking my time.  And so I'm working on it slowly.
I'm also getting through plenty of reading too.  I'm ploughing through up to 40 pages of 'The Drawing of the Three' each day.  And I'm not usually reading that much in two hours; ordinarily it's less.  So, I've found that with more time on my hands, I've been able to get more done.  Have you found when something your life disappears for a while, you find time to do other things?  Until my next post - and when I'm back on my own computer (hopefully a new one soon), take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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