Thursday, August 16, 2012

Not Exactly Natural?

Yesterday was my shopping day and it didn't exactly go off without a hitch.  But buses were working on the Saturday timetable, I ran late with all my shopping and it turned out to be a roasting day - and I had dressed warmly.  But I got my shopping done... with one slight hitch.
I took a well-deserved shower with some new soap made from natural ingredients and broke out in hives all over!  This was Prya Soap - a soap which has no chemicals, no numbers, and is all plant-based - and I watched in horror as the red dots appeared firstly on my legs then my arms and then pain followed quickly.  I swapped the new soap for my good ol' Nivea and jumped back into the shower and scrubbed until the pain went away (well, okay, most of it).  Once out, I put on plenty of Nivea Body Lotion and then took an antihistamine and tried to keep from scratching until it kicked in.
So, when I did finally get back to reading the ingredients on the box, I was assured to know that the soap was indeed plant based and it wasn't a chemical problem I was having - unlike last year's bout with the Garnier Fructus shampoo and conditioner I suffered - it had to do with the plant oils used in the soap.  I talked to my Mum about it and she asked what type of soap it was and it turns out that it was Goats Milk.  This soap also reacts on her skin too.  As nice and rich as it smells, neither of us can us it.  Bummer!
Well, fortunately, I went to the doctor today to pick up a prescription and talked to him about what happened yesterday; asking if I'd need any other treatment.  He said that I did the right things and seeing that the hives are gone - and the itching is mostly gone - I'll make a full recovery over the next day or so. 
And so this poses the question from me, exactly what is natural in our products when it says it is on the packaging?  And why is it safe for some people to use and not safe for others, even though it's all plant based?  As I'm getting older, I've found that my skin and my body have started acting strange and I have had to change a few habits and adjust my lifestyle.  Is it the environment which has done this or is it just my body's way of aging (and this happens to everyone?).  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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