Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July's Something Different!

The month isn't out yet and my computer has stuffed up more than once!  It all began last Friday night not 24 hours after Firefox upgraded its browser and my computer began having a hissy-fit about everything from passwords to my Hotmail (which I still can't get into unless on another computer, now dumbarse is that???).  So, when I switch off this computer each day, my computer has a bout of short-term memory.  It doesn't remember me from one session to the next.  I have to open new tabs, type in my passwords from scratch, introduce myself to my computer over and over and it still thinks I'm new to a website most times.  And all I did was delete my Cookies.... grrrr!

Besides this problem - and my computer having the habit of restarting itself all the time - I'm going well.  This month has been full of busy things.  I've finished my art project for The Home Festival, which was postponed no thanks to the weather being dodgy until next month.  So, now I can take my time and iron out the mistakes and any problems I have with the artwork I had originally.
Then, Dairy Farmers did a brilliant thing:  they removed the permeate from milk!  Now, I can drink milk to my heart's content without feeling bloated or sick to my guts.  Yes, it wasn't good for me; and you know, it was something that was banned other countries - so why use it here?  I ended up dropping Dairy Farmers a line on their website thanking them for making milk - well - milk again. 
I posted a few philosophy posts about housework, sugar being poison (as I've been hearing about it and yet, it's been around for so long, it's something that's seems to be getting a bad rap) and then I did a post about the meaning of life - or 42 - finding your happiness; and how you've done it.  Have you done it or not?  I did another post on uses for basic things which received a lot of comments - and I was happy that some people didn't know a few of the things I've been using around the house instead of chemicals.  However, it's good to learn new stuff isn't it?
And then, over the last few weekends, I've gotten into my reading again and did two book reviews on My Reading List blog and have found myself looking into reading more of my reading pile next to the office door (Yay!).  How good is that?  Well, I think it is.  I finished one baby blanket for a couple who are expecting their first little baby and began another one because I have the yarn for it.
Then, I had a really busy, long weekend of traveling and volunteer work this weekend just gone; and I feel like I've lost a day because I went away on Friday and was out all day... and it felt like Saturday.  Silly really, but it can happen.  
This brings me to the last few days.  My computer screwed up, I'm trying to make it work and I've been to Garden City and back this morning.  While there, I bought 'Good Reading' Magazine for August, cancelled a layby I couldn't afford, bought some purple paint and really tiny canvases and then found a book by Dean Koontz which wasn't a horror novel (go figure!); it was about his dog.  And seeing I love books and stories about dogs, I thought to see how it reads.  Well, that's the month of July for ya.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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