Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I've been considering the secret to a good, full and happy life.  Is it money?  Is it grandeur?  Is it having everything you want around you?  Is it having nothing but just the essentials?

I wish I knew.

However, whatever I read and whatever shows I watch on the television all give a differing angle and definition on was the meaning of life is.  For some it's having it all; while for others it's the smaller things that make everything worthwhile. 
For me, well, it's an accumulation of things.  There's love, family and the smaller, simpler things in life that make it all come together in what I call happiness.  When my health is good, I'm not stressed out, my garden is growing well and everything is going well, I find that life is good in more ways than one.  However, it's the small things that get the big things to work out better; the details that make the bigger picture look great.
However, for other people, there's other things that make them happy.  Money is a big one that makes people happy - but this can also come between people, split up families and destroy even the closest of friendships.  And yet, the adage that 'money makes the world go round' seems to keep coming around to haunt us when reality it seems to destroy a lot things leaving us wondering why it's so important to us when there's so much poverty and so many people don't have anything - let alone a shelter - and yet they still live from day to day and they are happy in themselves.
I have found, since being on a Disability Support Pension, that the things that make me happy are normally the things I used to bypass when I was working.  Books, gardening and taking a walk each day were things I thought I'd be doing in my twilight years; and yet I'm doing them now and I'm not yet 40.  But it's these things I'm enjoying while I'm young and they are keeping me healthy as well.  I've found time to read the books I've wanted to read, do the gardening I have always wanted to get into, learn to cook all the meals I've ever wanted to learn... seeing I have been given the opportunity to have the time for my happiness now in this part of my life, why not use it?  It's also become an important part of my search of my 42 - my meaning of life - and the why I'm here and nowhere else on this planet right now.

So, how have you found your 42 - your life meaning?  Or have you yet to find it?  Have you found a happiness in certain things you thought you'd never find it?  If so, what are they?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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