Sunday, July 29, 2012

Long Weekend

My weekend started out earlier than it normally would for most of you.  Mum, Dad and I took off to Toowoomba for a day to visit a friend who is living in a nursing home.  He's not going so good, and has been moved from one home to the next - and this one's a good one.  We stayed with him for about an hour and then went out to lunch at the Toowoomba Golf Club.  And what a place to eat!  It was beautiful!  But it was also hidden away so well, you didn't know it was there until you found the driveway to the car park... strange but true.  
We caught up with our friend's wife and daughter - who didn't know I was coming up to see them - and we had a lovely chat with them.  Too soon, they had to leave and pick up children and be on their way; pity, there was so much more to talk about.
Well, we left too soon after and drove out to Allora - where my Grandma was born and brought up - and we visited the Allora Cemetery where Mum knew most of the people laid to rest there.  The township was next and Mum found a lot of the houses were still there and the main street of Allora was a typical small, country town.  The one thing I noticed about the place was that there were no bars or large steel roller doors to protect the fronts of the businesses; unlike ones that are here in the city.  It was so quiet and pretty and the people were lovely and in for a nice chat about anything.
Soon, it was time to head off home as the day was becoming late and we were feeling the cold as the sun had turned west.  We found our way to Old Talgai and Glengallen Homestead where some of our family used to spent time and live.  We knew this place when it was a ruin and visit it when I was young; and it wasn't all that attractive to anyone and people drove past it without casting an eye to it from the road.  However, now the Heritage Society has been looking after it, Glengallen Homestead has become a tourist attraction and a place to drop into on the way out to Warwick, Allora or Toowoomba.  It's a historical place to see and costs a little bit to see it.  But we were too late and we arrived when it was closed to the public - after 4pm - so Dad parked the Pajero outside the gate and Mum and I walked in through the back gate where it was open and had security pads (and we had to know codes to get through).  We took some lovely photos of the house with the sunset reflecting off its back wall as the temperature dropped dramatically to 11 degrees Celsius and we still walked around in the cool of the night before climbing back into the car and getting back onto the highway to drive to Cunningham's Gap and through to Brisbane.
On the way home, we stopped off at a truck stop to have dinner and chatted with a truckie who was eating his meal.  While he ate we all chatted to him about things and travel and how he said the the roads are never wide enough.  I found a cool thing about this truck stop, and that was the toilets were spotless!  They didn't stink of anything but an air freshener and were totally clean in every way!  I was amazed at this.  Our meal was brilliant, hot and lovely.  However, the lights in the restaurant needed to be fixed as they flickered all the time down one side of the place and - after a while made me feel sick.  I let the owners about the lights - they know about it - and then we went on our way.  Dad got some petrol and we plugged in my ipod and found some Ella Fitzgerald Greatest Hits to play on the way home.  Her music filled the car and the time all the way back to Brisbane nicely; and I got home at around 8:30pm.

Yesterday, I was off to the Logan Art Gallery to do my shift there for the afternoon.  I worked with a young man named Rys.  We chatted while I knitted and then laughed at a few things on his computer and the played a computer game or two before he went home.  We were both tired from the night and day before because - in our own ways - we had tiring days and nights.  
However, not many people had showed up for the afternoon; and only two or three showed up to ask where the Logan Central Library was.  It's funny, it's been down near K-Mart Plaza since around March 2011 and people still don't know where it is... and the place is massive too.  Well, I guess people don't notice things as much as I do.  

Today - Sunday - I'm at Mum and Dad's place using their internet as mine is playing up. I think it's the Olympics coverage online doing it to my Broadband as I just can't get into my hotmail account.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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  1. was in Toowoomba about 3-4 months ago for a bowling tournament.