Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Weekend of Busy

This weekend has been coolish and sunny; what a change from the last week of rain!  The good thing is that the sun has helped dry the altered book faster than it normally would; and the best thing of all is that my laundry has finally dried on the clothes horse.  Now, I can do more laundry and get it dried.

It seems that clothes horse is always up, isn't it?

Well, it doesn't matter, so long my clothes dry and nothing is wet for long.  I have gotten a lot done this weekend; and I'm happy.
The kitchen has been in some sort of messy disorder of either having the washing up just finished, or just about to be done, or the rubbish just emptied or about to be put out... the place never looked tidy for more than a few hours; and that was a pity.  But I really needed to eat because it's been so busy and I've been nibbling on cashews and cranberries and eating yoghurt as well because I've been working on my art project too.  And working on that has made me eat more because I work for around 2 - 3 hours each afternoon non-stop with my book and glue and paint and other things, then look up at the clock and the next thing it's almost 4pm!  Wow!  And my stomach is grumbling at me. 
On Saturday night, 'The Sound of Music' was on channel 99 and I watched some of it.  This was my Grandma's favourite film of all time.  She once told me - when I visited one day - that if given a choice, she would sit and watch it all the time and never become tired of it.  I think that's wonderful for a person to enjoy a movie like this so much.  I think it's how the songs really get into your head, the storyline, the scenery, the people in it and the way it was produced.  Personally, any type of musical from that era could be played for me and I'd love it.  Ones like 'The King and I' and 'West Side Story' all have wonderful, memorable music in them that - when we hear them - bring back scenes of them into our minds in full colour!  And I think that's what my Grandma was getting at about 'The Sound of Music'.  Since she's passed away now, I find it hard to watch the whole movie as it reminds me of her so much.

Today, I made pancakes and read a bit of the Sunday Mail before making myself a coffee/Milo drink and jumping online.  But I wasn't on here for long when I took my first sip of my drink and it tasted like.... garlic!  Blech!  So, I took the lid off (thinking it was the lid that had only the problems), but it was the all through the milk!  I had cleaned the container with a scourer that had been soaked in garlic all night (or had garlic in it when I washed it) and it had permeated throughout the milk!  Oh My God!  How disgusting!  So, I tossed out the container of milk and made another one instead... what a waste!
Well, I washed it again and it didn't stink of garlic.  I had used a new scourer and it's okay - I think! - to use again.

I hope!

Well.  This afternoon, I got offline at 1pm and worked on the Altered Book for 2 hours straight while listening to the 'Fame' soundtrack and W.A Mozart as well.  The latter is a great type of music to help artists and writers to focus on what they need to do.  I listened to two concertos and loved it because by the end of it, I found the book cover had been finished and it looked better than I thought it was going to turn out!  How brilliant!
I turned off the television early tonight as most of the movies were repeats and I didn't want to be stuck watching any of them.  So, I got in and washed up, put out the rubbish, said good night to Little Miss Stevie and locked up everything before turning out the lights.  It's been a good, busy weekend.  And I'm looking forward to the week being just as busy.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here!


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