Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Busy Week

I have a busy week ahead of me; and it's barely started.  On Sunday and yesterday, I was here at home doing a catch-up on my housework, washing up and laundry.  And by the end of yesterday, it was all caught up and I was at my kitchen table painting up wet pages for the Collector's Exhibition.  But I only got 5 done in 2 hours.
It takes so long to get them done that I'm wondering if it's going to work out at all.  I just hope the people organising this aren't expecting too much out of us.  I'm doing my best and that's all I can do.
However, I can't push aside my other commitments all because there's an art show coming.  I have to clean the house, put out the rubbish, wash up, do my shopping, pay the bills and make sure I'm not tired to get in and do all this stuff.  And, I also have an altered book to fix up as well; which is in its beginning stages.  I've done 5 pages of that and have begun to work on the next stage of it.  I've yet to paint it up and make it colourful as well.
Tomorrow, I have to go shopping and fill the house with food again.  I won't be doing any artwork tomorrow as I'll be far too exhausted from going out; and I'd rather not burn myself out.  And on Thursday, I won't be doing any art in the afternoon either.  Instead, I'll be off to the chiropractors to get my back and neck looked at again.  So, there's two days where I won't be working on anything to do with the book or the pages.  But on Friday, I will be.  I may not be on here to do any computer work so I can catch up on the work I missed out on.  
Saturday will be the workshop day; where they will have expected me to have done 90 pages painted up, written on and ready to laminate.  They will be disappointed as there will not be that number; but there will be a set of pages ready and written on for the week.  I'll also show them the work I've done on the altered book and - hopefully - that'll help show how much my work has progressed.  If not, well, too bad.
So, that's my week.  Busy, busy, busy... and not a moment to myself to look around.  I hope your week gives you time to rest, have a laugh and smile about something.  I hope mine does too.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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