Friday, July 20, 2012

Busy Friday Afternoon!

Fridays are always busy as hell... I've found that what starts out as something that is simple turns into something that's not.  Ain't that the truth!  
Today, I was off to the Neurologist to have a chat with her about the Pill.  Last November, I was carted off to the ER at sunrise via my most 'favourite' mode of transport - and ambulance - when an ovarian cyst ruptured causing me agonising pain!  So, after a few tests and scans, I was on the hunt for a good Gynecologist; and was recommended one by a couple of my closest friends.  He wanted me on the Pill; and this is how I ended up at my Neuro.
It was good to see her again; as I hadn't seen her in around 5 years and she wanted to summerise my file up and make it easier to access for the future.  We chatted and she asked how I was doing and I told her of my arty endeavours, showed her the book cover of the Altered Book, said that I had been stressed out because of it (but had that under control; and she was pleased about that!) and she was happy to see I was in good and healthy condition; and amazed I had gotten involved with a great art project like the Home Festival too!  And she thought it was a good idea to help regulate the cysts - and my cycle as it's out of kilter by a long shot! - with the Pill.  We got a photo together (taken by my Mum who went with me into the city) and then we were out of there before our hour was up for parking outside.  
Mum and I took off to Garden City to have lunch at Deli Sushi - a new place we've discovered over the last few months that has great food and delicious Green Tea! - and we were off to Medicare to get our money back for the appointment and I hand to hand in a form from last year (which was grossly overdue and I had problems filling out).  Then, I bought a new pair of sunnies and then... it was the hunt for mascara that wasn't black, black-black, glossy black or noir-black, dramatic black or Holy-Batman-That's-Black! (okay the last was is made up... but really, do we really need this much black mascara on the market?).  I wear brown-black waterproof mascara and trying to find it was like looking for hen's teeth!  I swear it was as though the make-up industry is purposely ignoring redheads and fair-haired people in this world who - if they wear black mascara - look like Broom Hilda!  Well, Mum and I found some at Price Line and bought it.  And before long, we were at Katies sussing out some nice clothes - but only window-shopping... then we came on home, where I made Mum a lovely cuppa plunger coffee and gave her some cake and grapes that I love from the fruit store down the road... they're just so sweet and juicy and lovely!  She had a look at my new little cage for the Geranium and thought it was the cutest thing around!  And then, she headed off home as she had to make dinner for Dad and it was beginning to get late anyway.  
Well, that was my Friday afternoon.  A lot happened in the 5 hours Mum and I hung out together; but then you can squeeze in a lot in an afternoon.  What did you all get up to?  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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