Monday, July 30, 2012

Computer Stuff-Up

My computer has stuffed royally.  Seriously.  I'm currently using my Mum's laptop to write this at my parents' house as I have no way to get onto any of the sites I'm normally permitted onto.  None of my passwords works and so I'm constantly a guest on my blogs and as for Hotmail?  Forget it!  I click on it at the ninemsn site and I have a blank, white screen come up... how inviting is that?  So, on top of all that, I am also unable to use picmonkey, update any programs I normally do and so getting onto the net is virtually useless to me at my house because I can't talk to anyone anywhere, blog or anything.
Sure the computer is fine as an off-line computer, but otherwise, it's the dumbest thing in my house.  So, I'm not going to be using the computer as much as I normally would over the next few days.  So, if I'm not here as often as you hope, don't worry, I haven't vanished on you, it's my computer screwing up.  It's a programming problem and not me.  I'll need to get somebody to look at this problem; and this has only occurred to me since the London Olympics have opened.  And the problem is getting worse.

So, am I the only one who has gotten these problems?  Or I am an isolated case?  I have tried clearing my cookies - which cleared not only my cookies but also all my passwords and anything else connected to a website where I'm known as a regular.  I have tried to restore my systems, looked at virus checks, the computer has been totally defragged and ... well, nothing has worked.  So, is there anyone out there who can suggest something to help me?  I'd like to check my mail, I'd like to talk to somebody online, I'd like to blog from my house, I'd like to have a few things done online that I need to do, but my computer won't allow me to.  This is a post for a call for help... until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Sounds like an outsider may have access your files and changed your passwords. I hope you have a backup files saved elsewhere.

    If it's the program the main issue, there could be parts of the program missing which you would need to have a computer geek to restore them. If your computer is over five years old, they might not even bother fixing it.

    I have some minor issues with my laptop. After speaking to a 16 yo geek at bowling, I was told it is no point of upgrading or add memory space as the laptop is now too old to fix.

    About 2-3 weeks ago, I spotted a $299 Acer laptop at Dick Smith in Woodridge. I think it only has only a 2MG (or whatever they call it). It's the same one schools used today and my eldest daughter never had a problem with her hired one from high school.

    If you have alot of documents, pictures, music or video folders on the hard-drive, it's best to stored them into an external hard drive which they aren't too expensive to buy. All you need is the USB cord which generally comes with when you purchased the external hard drive.

    1. Yeah, Super Geek told me to get a new tower - as the rest of my gear is up-to-date - and he said that the company he works for can build one for me for around $1,000 and it'll have all the programs I would want (and any I would want removed) and it would lower the price too.

      I've been seriously considering taking him up on the offer as the computer - just today - restarted itself twice... not a good sign.