Sunday, July 8, 2012

Relaxing Sunday

Am I glad it's Sunday!  Really it's been a very busy week of running around and I found myself unable to the amount of things I wanted to until today.
Last week, from Sunday through to Tuesday, my afternoons were dedicated to me being hunched over the kitchen table and working on my painted pages.  I had to wet them with tea, paint them while they were still wet and then set them off to one side and wait for them to dry.  Between those three days, I managed to get 23 pages done and dried.
Wednesday was shopping day.  I had promised myself not to spend too much money - and fortunately, I didn't.  I took my time and found it was a good day out; even if it was a little chilly outside with the wind.  However, I did need to head off to the doctors the next day.
So, off I went on Thursday to the GP to get a prescription and the chiropractors.  I thought to make a day of it and stayed at Mum and Dad's place all day.  while I was there, I surfed the net and made them dinner of pumpkin, carrot and onion soup with home made garlic bread (well, I used the bread already there, and made the garlic butter).  When they arrived home at around 4pm, they really appreciated it the work.  And Jay, the dog had been fed too.  
Friday was my day off.  I was exhausted from doing everything in the week, so much so, I didn't want to do anything on that day but bludge; so I did!  I ended up knitting some of my friend's baby blanket, and getting a long way into it too!  It's coming along really well, and I'm pleased with the progress.  I really think they'll love it.
Yesterday, I was off early to the Logan Art Gallery to work on my project for the Home Festival.  I needed the space to cut up the magazines and organise what was going where and which pieces were going to be used in the Altered Book.  Then, the laminater arrived and they plugged it in and we waited for it to heat up.  Before long, my painted pages were all done up and laminated, finished up - for now - and I had gone through my 10 old magazines a few times and it had just gone 3pm!  Wow!  Where did that time go?  I smsed Mum and she came and picked me up; but not before having a look through the gallery first (as she hadn't been there for a long time).  We had fun with one of the interactive displays called Sci-Art, filled in the form for the monthly competition and then we were on our way.
When we got back to my place, she helped me inside, pulled the curtain for Little Miss Stevie and saw what I had gotten done at the gallery - and loved my work - and then I gave her some of my leftover Ratatouille from my fridge to take home.  She took it and a few hours later, called me up saying it was delicious!  Dad wanted to know where I bought it.. hehee... so good when a recipe works out. 
Today, I was up around 8am, went and bought the Sunday Mail and made pancakes for breakfast.  Yummo!  They taste so good with Maple Syrup on them!  I read the paper while eating and then hung out the washing, took out the recycling up to the bin at the back of the complex and then trimmed the shrubs outside my place.  I really have to look into pulling the bigger weeds out soon before they flower.  Then, I jumped online and hung out on here for a few hours.  This afternoon, I'll be catching up on my reading and cleaning up the house a little more; seeing how much housework I've missed out on in the last week.  Well, until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here. 

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