Monday, July 9, 2012


Tonight, while I was sitting on the lounge watching reruns of 'Everybody Loves Raymond', I heard the rain pour from the darkened skies outside!  It was so wonderful to hear it; and just in time too.  This is because I've been busy over the last day or so in the garden; and very pleased that I got it all done in time for the rain tonight.
Yesterday, after I closed down the computer, I went outside into the cool afternoon and found the lawn was a little long.  So, I pulled out the mower, pulled up the solar lights and mowed the whole lawn.  It looked pretty spiffy.  Before I put them all back, I decided to sort out the mess that I was calling the corner garden.  So, I pulled out all the pots, put them off to one side and took out two more large solar lights I had acquired from elsewhere and pulled out all the Wandering Dew and tossed it.  Then, I re-organised the pots so they looked better and there was more room around the garden; and I could reach the fence without having to move any pots around.  A few other pots were re-arranged before I was happy with it all.  Then, I pushed all the solar lights back into the ground, put the mower away and went back inside to close up as it was getting cold.

Today, I was busy with the Altered Book I've been working on.  However before that, I went outside to check on the garden and found a paling had fallen down.  So, instead of struggling with pushing it back up, I just pulled it out and left it of the fence.  It was just leaning against the posts anyway; so why try push it into doing something when there's nothing supporting it?  Anyway, I pulled out my camera and took some photos and made a lovely little collage and then went inside to work on my art works.
I did up a page and some writing and glued 4 pages together.  Tonight, I have to wait for it to dry.  Tomorrow morning, I'll glue 4 more pages together and work on the next lot of pages in the afternoon once they're dried.  The whole book is looking good.  I can't wait until it's finished, painted up and ready to go.  
Late this afternoon, I knitted three lots of the Irish Moss Stitch of the Baby blanket for Geoff and Vivienne and so got a lot more of it done than I usually would.  It's looking great so far; and I can see it's going to work out well over the next few weeks.  If I get this one finished before time, I might do another one with a blue yarn I have which is thicker; and they can use that one too on the same needles, but in a different stitch.  I'll see how I go.
Well, I ate nachoes for dinner - home made ones - and turned off the television at 8:30pm to wash up, clean the counter and sink, take out the rubbish and wipe down the splash back and some of the doors in the kitchen, then swept up the kitchen floor.  Then, I locked up and came upstairs.  It's been a good, busy long day, ending in rain... lovely, cool, rain... and so I might head off the bed and get my nose back into 'The Gunslinger' by Stephen King and aim to finish it by next week or so.  Until my next post, take care, keep safe and warm and remember, I'm always here.

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