Sunday, July 13, 2014

Full Weekend!

Sooooo, how was your weekend?  Full like mine?  Or was it just busy around the house - like mine?  Yeah, a bit of both for everyone I think.

Well, on Friday night, we all went out to dinner to celebrate my future sister-in-law's birthday - Katrina - and had a ball!  Yes it was freezing cold!  But we all totally enjoyed our dinner, gave her gifts and loved the music at the Arana Hills Sport Club, just down the road from where they used to live at Keperra.

On Saturday, I had a full day out and about.  First off I was late for my Sci-Fi Writer's Group at the Hyperdome, but only by around 20 minutes... yeah, ran myself late.  Silly me!  It does happen, but not often.  I slept in by accident and that's why I was late.  Anyway, we all got chatting, Debbie Behan commented that Renee and I both definitely dress like writers and we all had a good giggle about it.  Before long, midday had arrived and I couldn't join them for the lunch at the food court because I had to do my volunteer work at the Logan Art Gallery.

Well, once there, I found the place was set up for an afternoon of a demonstration.  Donald James Waters was showing up to demonstrate the way he does paintings.  Seats had been lined up and plastic laid down ready for him to use the space.  It was great. Once he arrived, I made him a nice, strong cup of coffee and had set up his stuff ready to go.  People came in late and he was happy to see everyone... then he started on a blank canvas!  Well!  What a wonderful thing it is to see an artist at work!  I took a collection of photos to see how he went about making a painting, and found it was filled with just imagination, lines and he took it in all kinds of directions and kept on turning the canvas around to see where he could take the painting!  

By 5pm, the whole thing was finished, the money was done and signed for and I was ready to go home.  It was the end of a busy day... and I made pasta to eat for dinner once I arrived home.

Today, I made a stack of thin pancakes and scoffed them all down - I must have been hungry - while reading the paper.  Then, I jumped online and sussed out my flash fiction to see who said what about it; as I had uploaded it last night.  People loved it, as I had hoped, and I suggested they looked at the other one I did last week - as it still hadn't had anyone looking at it.  A few of them have looked at that one, but not many.
Then, I made a move on cleaning up the home office.  It was a pigsty.  I moved all the synthetic bags into the bedroom and pulled all the books down off the saggy bookcase to go through them all.  I am giving away a bag of books I'm not going to read; a lot of them are thrillers by James Paterson, Mills & Boon romances and other types of books I've simply lost interest in.  Then, I just restacked the books and made them sit better on the bookcase.  And to make it better and easier to see my books, I changed the Mt To Be Read by the door into a book stack like the ones around the room.  It looks good too!  There's still a lot of work to be done about the books, but I'm happy with what I've done with them.  They're going to be put into the car tomorrow and taken to my craft group to be given away.
However, I wasn't done.  I had the synthetic bags to work through.  So, seeing I had over 10 bags sitting around, I went through them all and moved any of the stuff that seemed like little, small stuff into one bag.  All my knitted stuff went into one bag, the bag with my life history stuff went into one bag too... now, it's all just 5 bags of stuff lining the front of the bookcase I have to work through and throw out.  This won't take long seeing I'm good at doing this now.  There is still a fair bit to go on this room with charity bags and rubbish, but this is a good start - a big start - but a good one.

Tomorrow, it's craft day.  I have to take the car to Mum and Dad's place to get the oil looked at then I'm off to the Queen Beez Craft Group up the road at midday... I have a lot of work to get done in those few hours.  I hope to get it done.  My Tie Cushion is coming along well, and I'm happy with it.  I still hunt around for good ties - nice ones with funny stuff on them - but I'm working on it bit by bit.  And I'll have it finished in time for Christmas.  Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Has been ages since I last dined at Arana Hills Club. Last I heard the club had major renovations done.
    These days I hang around more at either Norths Devils Club or Kedron Wavell Services Club. At Kedron they have free movie nights on Wednesday nights. At Norths they have great meals and light entertainment on Saturday nights.

    1. Yes! They did have the major renovations and they look great! In the next month or so, they're going to have Dean Vegas there! Very cool, as I've met him a few years back now - in 2010! - and the food and entertainment is fantastic... the best thing was that the tables in the restaurant weren't on top of each other. There was plenty of room all around, very pleasant surroundings. :D

  2. With your craft meets which week, which craft does the group get involved in?

    1. Aah, that ladies bring along whatever they're working on from home.

      We're currently doing a Secret Santa thing - which we aren't allowed to bring to group as it's - well - secret. But whatever our passion is, we bring and work on. :D