Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Busiest Time!

I seriously haven't had any time to do much for myself... so the house is a mess!  I can wash up a little, but then, it'll get messed up again while I'm cooking.  Then, I'll make the bed in the afternoon - when I have five minutes to myself - and I mess it up later that night when I sleep in it.  So I've given up on that.  The Livingroom is always getting tidied up in the morning, then messed up in the evening so I can paint or sew... 

Yep, I just don't feel as though I'm settled anymore.  The place is being sorted, but it's slowing down because I'm at a crossroads.  I need to get Mum and Dad to help me this time.  There's a sewing machine that needs to be dumped and another one to be installed in my bedroom; along with a glory box that used to be in my Grandma's house.  this glory box will be something I can use for the duvet and some things in Summer and the quilt in Winter.  It's gotta have some TLC first, something I have the time and patience for fortunately - and Dad knows I'm capable of too.  He's seen me fix up a century-old cutlery box of my Great-Grandmother's and is impressed I can get in and work on something without losing interest.  He forgets that I'm an artist, and working on something is a part of my life - I'm always working on something.

Anyway, this week has been busier than usual.  Since Friday, I've been going out every day; and I'm now ready to crawl under my duvet and tell the world to nick off... seriously to go away and leave me alone for a while.  
On Saturday, I went to my Romance Writer's group and chatted to the ladies there.  There were only three of us, but it was a nice gathering.  Afterwards, we had lunch and I met with a lovely lady who's getting married next year and has seen my Crafty Pegs coathangers and asked if I could do some for her... I hope to have some commissioned works by Christmas to get done in the New Year.  Anyway, that afternoon, I got home, packed the car and had something small for dinner before getting an early night.
Sunday was a freezing cold day all round.  Nobody came to the markets, and we didn't sell anything.  I sold two Beautiful Coathangers and gave away one pencil.  Not very promising... oh well, sometimes that happens.  I'm not fussed, it's not something I can control.  And besides, it was the first weekend of the Winter School Holidays; the parents aren't tired of their kids yet.
On Monday, I had my craft group.  They were talking about what was going on next Monday; which is a day out that I had missed out on.  Bummer!  Oh well, next time.  But I started working on new stuff for the markets next month - brighter pencils and over-sized pegs... woot!  How much fun is that?

Then, on Tuesday, I went out and did some grocery shopping for Mum and Dad.  How exhausting!  I got it all done, washed up and threw out some things in the rubbish and used the Glen-20 around the house to keep it nice-smelling.  And just as I was settling in at my place, they arrived home at theirs; and invited me over!  So, I drove back over there and saw them!  They were so thrilled to see me and to see I did a good shop for them... and today they had yet to fully go through what I bought them at the shops - but were more than happy to know that there was everything they expected; and more!

Today, I went out and did my own grocery shopping for the next two weeks.  Yep, I do my shopping on a bulk basis... it's cheaper and easier for me.  If I spend less time at the store, I spend less money there too... and know what I have at home.  Therefore, there's less food wastage... pretty smart housekeeping when you think of it.  I've just about found my food limit and price limit too - at around $200 per fortnight - and found that it's good to have a bit more money than you need really for the day in case you see something you like or had forgotten to write down.  
Anyway, I found some honey Mum and Dad had told me about at Coles and bought it for them.  Mum was thrilled that I thought of them; and thought it might have set me back - but it was only $4.00 or so! - how's that for a bargain! 

Well, now, I'm home, sitting here typing away on the computer.  Dad's thrilled I gave him the old HP Pavilion that he can rebuilt himself - along with some bits that Ricki gave me - and he even happier that I have a new computer from friends who are new and right next door... he reckons they're worthwhile keeping in touch with too.  I think so too - and not just because Ricki knows about computers, both Ricki and Vanessa are lovely people and have been good to me since they moved in early this year.  
Dad's really happy the car's going well.  He told me that the car might be running a little rich, but I'm not sure about that.  It's going through a lot less fuel than the Pajero ever did!  It's costing me less to fill it - and I mean under $40 per half a tank - and so I think he's thinking of a bigger car, and not mine.  Well, I guess we'll figure it out.  He's worried about how much oil I put into it because it might be burning it instead of using.  I hope not, I didn't put in that much.  Well, I guess we'll see how it goes when I see them next.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and warm in this chilly weather and remember, I'm always here.

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