Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Definitely Safer Now....

Yesterday, I thought, I had somebody around here trying to get in my house.  However when the locksmith came out to look at my place, he said that it was door handles themselves that were had it; the locks were okay.

So, he changed over all the handles, fixed it all up and made sure it all worked.  It cost a fair bit but it's worth it to keep a house safe now, than to ignore the fact the handles aren't working.  
Yes, I freaked out, but then when you live alone, you kinda do when this sort of thing happens.  And my place isn't newly built... it's an old building with old things inside it which need replacing bit by bit.  So, this was one of the bits, okay, that was something that was supposed to be years ago and didn't get done.

Isn't it strange when you live in a house - not matter whether your renting or not - how much doesn't get done around the place.  There will be so much of the place where it'll just be left until it's falling apart before you suddenly have to get it fixed up.  And when you finally have to, it's either too late to fix it as it is, or you have to somebody out to replace it completely - which is more expensive than it initially would have been.

Well, it seems there was nobody trying to get into my place... it was my doors just falling apart.  They no longer worked and needed fixing - and getting them fixed was very expensive too.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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