Friday, August 1, 2014

Big Day Out Yesterday

Yesterday, I was out of the house by 11am and home by 3pm... what a big day behind the wheel of my Little Green Machine!  But it was well worth it!

First off, I was off to Bunnings to return the door handles I never used - or opened - and got the money back on them.  Then, I drove to Logan Central Plaza to exchange some Nivea Hand Cream which was half-empty and had been used by somebody (my brother said it might have been a Grandma who wanted to test it... eeww!  I mean, ask at the counter, don't just squeeze it from the tube on the shelf!).  I got a replacement and the ladies at the counter thought it was manky too and said they'd toss it out.
I walked up to Woodys' Kiosk and bought two cool dvds - 'Mask' and 'Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle-stop Cafe' - great movies and the latter is a fantastic book!  Before I knew it, I was out at the car park again after getting credit for my phone and I put the credit on my phone and was back on the road.

The Logan Hyperdome was my next stop.  Riot Art Stores are having the $40 free for $40 spent sale again!  So, how could I pass that up?  I took the back way and took my time finding a park; wanting to find a space undercover - as my little machine had tree sap on the roof from Sunday and I didn't want it cooked into the paintwork.  So, I found my way to the undercover area near the cinemas and followed a Landrover under when he stopped before the crossing.  I didn't think anything of it until he put his vehicle into reverse and began to back up!  I blew the horn and he kept on reversing!  I kept blowing the horn until he got out and yelled at me that his roof racks were too high!  Well... gee, how the hell was I supposed to know?  And he did the wrong thing and leaned on my car, that's when I asked him to get off my car and that really he should remember the size of his vehicle and not just back up thinking I can his mind.  He got shitty but didn't say anything, went back to his Landrover and waited for me to back up into the line of traffic on the roundabout to let him out (and it was really busy).  I told my brother about this, and he didn't think I was right, but I know I was.  

Anyway, I found a park after going around and around for about 10 minutes.  Truthfully, I had to wait for somebody to leave... that's how hard it was to find a parking spot.  Once Little Green Machine was locked up and I was on my way, I was in the art store before I knew it perusing the shelves and bits and pieces for what I needed for my Crafty Pegs stall for next month - and for the rest of the year.  I spent $40 before I knew it!  And I have some great plans for my stall to look its very best by Christmas!
After I finished spending my money, I really needed a coffee and took off to Gloria Jeans around the corner.  I treated myself to a Latte and a gluten free orange and almond cupcake... yummo!  While I ate and drank, I thought about one of my writing friends - Debbie Behan and her husband, Sean - who both have horrible back problems right now.  And I spotted some syrups which you can add to your coffee to give it an extra spice.  Well, I spotted one called 'Irish'... where you make Irish Coffee without it actually being alcoholic... and seeing Debbie and Sean are both on really strong painkillers right now, they're not allowed to drink booze.  So, I bought a bottle and took off to their place - after searching for their phone number in my mobile first.... which I didn't have.  Well, okay, it looked like I was going to surprise them.

I got to their place later than expected.  I missed the Paradise Road turn off, had to drive all the way to Springwood, turn around and go back and keep on Kingston Road!  Boy, what a trip!  I got to their house without using the refedex... how cool is that?  Well, Debbie and Sean both loved the idea of having Irish Coffee - non-alcoholic style - and have tried it out and love it!  She has been missing her mixed drinks and loves it that she can do this.  Being a person who doesn't drink booze, I can understand where she's coming from and have been getting around the booze thing in my life for a long time.  She misses her wine at night time.

Well, I hung about for a bit and then had to leave because they had a doctor's appointment.  I returned home at around 3pm... boy was I tired!  It was a long day and I ended up having gourmet egg on toast with mushrooms, baby spinach and baby tomatoes... yummo!  Not too bad-tasting.  I had a good day.  

Today, though it's a hot one - 28 degrees Celsius - and so I got in and did 4 loads of laundry, washed the car, washed up most of my dishes, cleared the lounge, opened up the house (to air it out) and then decided to fluff around on here for a bit... I've been on the go since 8:30am this morning.  The air-conditioner is going to clear out the office and I've sprayed the Glen-20 everywhere to fix up the bugs sitting around the place I might catch.  So, how's your day been?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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