Wednesday, August 27, 2014

One Crazy Shopping Day

Last night, I was all organised.  Really I was.  I had my handbag packed, my shopping list all sorted, my fold-up shopping bags all ready and everything was just, well, organised for today.  

I honestly thought I had everything to just leave the house and go grocery shopping.  

Well, I didn't.  

I drove off this morning to get petrol for the Astra and found it was dirt cheap!  So,  I filled the tank and looked for my card-holder... and couldn't find it!  Oh no!  It wasn't in my handbag!  So, I had to pay for my petrol using another card I was saving money on for my rego next year (damn!) and then I came home and ripped the house apart looking for my card holder - without success!  I even called the last few places I had gone to - The Logan Art Gallery and Office Works - and they hadn't had anything handed in... so I called my folks' house (as I had been to their place on Monday, but I didn't go anywhere yesterday).  Nope,  nothing.


So, I looked through the car, tipped out my handbag and then?  Well, I thought if I cleaned up everything and put away a few jackets and hung up some hats, I might find it sitting on the lounge or underneath something.  So, I picked up two jackets and I felt something bump against my hip... something thick and hard... and I searched the pocket of my large red jacket and found it!  I found the card holder!  

I called Dad and told him where it was.  He was relieved I didn't have to cancel any cards; and I said if anyone had found it they wouldn't be able to do anything with it anyway as I don't have the VISA facility on any of my cards... they're just keycards where I have a pin, no 'touch & go' thing.  And I don't own a credit card, so that's a good thing too.  Besides, my Load & Go card has under $20 on it, and unless I'm going to buy something online immediately, I don't keep any more than that on the card in case this kind of thing happens.  He thought that was a smart of way of banking.

Well, I packed my handbag again and took off - ignoring my house for the moment.  The mail was checked, then, I was about to pull out of the post office onto Kingston Road when a guy in a BMW pulled up outside the place and blocked my view - I really wish the Logan City Council would put a bloody yellow line between the driveways so we can see up the road and not just a stupid No Parking sign.  Anyway, I had to put the nose of my car out into the traffic to see beyond him as he opened his door for a few seconds and made my life even more difficult... damned arsehole... but then, once I was out into the traffic, I didn't care.  
I found myself at Logan Central, at Woolworths, where I bought my Witacker's Chocolate and then searched some charity stores for old picture frames.  I found 4 in the Op Shop for the Blind and Life Line each!  Yay!  I scored more than I thought I would.  And seeing I have another 2 on the go right now and three more sitting in a box waiting to go, I've got plenty to keep me busy for the September markets - both of them!

Well, I went to Logan Central Plaza, looked around the new rug place where Woodys' used to be, and then K-Mart and scored myself a cool 'Back to the Future' t-shirt for $12.95, and grabbed more coathangers to paint up.  Then it was off to Coles to do my grocery shopping for the fortnight.  I was reading the ingredients on some of the things I normally buy, and tried to buy stuff without Palm Oil in it, but it was looking more and more expensive as I went on.  So what I did was I bought what I could afford for now, and bought what I normally bought that was cheap and had Palm Oil in it... I know that sounds terrible, but really I can't afford to turn my grocery list around when I buy organic fruit and veggies anyway.  

Well, I put my stuff through the self-serve check-outs and I spent around $200 at the end of it all at this one place.  It's amazing how much you really do spend in one day, isn't it?  And this is just my shopping day.  Well, I hope your day has been better than mine.  I better get in and put away some laundry, clothes and jackets... you never know what else I might find under all of those things in my living room!  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember I'm always here.

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