Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Movie Review... Not Sure If I Should Do This One.

By now, you have all heard about the terrible news of Robin Williams' passing.  I heard about it at my Aunt and Uncle's house while I was visiting them for a few minutes... it was horrible to hear that one of my favourite comedians and actors had been battling with so much in his life and had been going through rehab to work on it all.  And he just couldn't do it anymore...

But the movie I watched - and I'm not sure if I should review - on Saturday night was 'What Dreams May Come'.  This movie is about a man called Chris Nielson, who meets his soulmate in Switzerland and soon after, they get married and live a wonderfully happy life - him a doctor, and her an artist.  They have two gorgeous children, a huge house filled with happiness and love for around fourteen years... until their children are killed in a car accident.  Four quick years later, Chris' death follows from the very same thing.  A year afterwards, his wife kills herself; and the race is on for him to find her in Hell and bring her to place she had created for them both to live after they died together - a place she had painted on a massive canvas.  This place is where he woke up when he decided to walk along the tunnel and to go where his spirit was supposed to go.

However, little did I know that after watching this film this kind of thing would happen to one of the greatest people everyone has loved, laughed with and enjoyed.  There isn't anyone on his planet who doesn't know Robin Williams and his roles in movies, such as this one or 'The Dead Poet's Society', 'Good Morning, Vietnam, 'Mrs. Doubtfire' and most of all, his wonderfully hilarious first role as Mork from Ork in 'Mork and Mindy'... I loved him in that show.  

I'm just kind of numb about the news right now... as though it's not real.  I think it's got to sink in before I know for certain, deep down, he's not here.  This man has been so much a part of my life - and I loved his funniness so much - that this news will take time for me to process.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and most of all, if you are suffering from depression, please do not stay silent (thinking it will go away), please, please, do go and talk to somebody about it.  It does help.  Until my next post, remember, I'm always here.

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