Saturday, August 30, 2014

Two Days Off

During the last week, I've been at my busiest when I should have had the week off.  

So, yesterday and today, I did the smallest amount of housework and then finished up the last two picture frames for the Creative Markets and jumped online for the internet... easy-peasy.  I didn't want to be burning myself out too much, and I didn't.

Last night, I sat down and began stitching up the ends of the Tie Cushion for my Secret Santa lady at my craft group this Christmas.  This thing's really coming along well!  I've got one end almost done and the other end is mostly just finishing the fiddly bits and then I'll stitch the bums of the ties together and it'll be done!  Most of all, I want it to give a lot, so it's not too tight and it gives a lot so she can move it and replace the inside cushion if needs be with something more comfortable, and not undo my work.

Well, after watching my dvds of 'Supernatural', it was only 10pm.  So, I made up my bed after locking up and jumped online to check my mail and do a little reading.  Before long I was off to bed, but couldn't sleep.  My mind was going a million miles an hour.  I did eventually get to sleep, but I'm not sure when - probably after midnight.

This morning, I was up at around 8:30am, made myself pancakes and packed the car for the markets - stock box and all!

I'm currently charging my iPod, some rechargeable batteries and my tablet for tonight and tomorrow.  I'm off to a friend's house this arvo to chill out and to keep myself away from any painting or work until around 8:30pm... when I come home and chill until bedtime at around 10pm.  Tomorrow I'll be up at 5am and out the door by 6:30am or so and working my butt off at the Creative Markets at the Springwood State School on Springwood Road... it's my old primary school.  It's a great place to make a little money.  And with my new line of products and new display, I'm hoping to make a bit of money tomorrow. 

Well, I hope your weekend is going to be as much fun as mine is... until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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