Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Captain, My Captain!

I haven't written a tribute to this great man yet because I honestly don't know what to say about him. 

I loved him... I loved his humour, his wonderful, childlike ways on 'Mork & Mindy'.  I loved that he was so uninhibited and yet, he took on roles in movies that were so totally and completely opposite to his personality; just to show us all he had depth.  He wanted to show us that he could freak us out, make us cry, take us on a journey and make us feel love, want to go along on that path with him and yet... when the show was over, his voice played on in our minds for days afterward unlike anyone else's.

There will never be anyone quite like Robin Williams - not in my lifetime - and if another person does come along with similar characteristics, they will have massive huge clown shoes to fill... and a spacesuit which has a personality of its own too, as well as Orsan; but then, let's not digress too much, eh?

Robin Williams was one of the few people who could honestly make me laugh.  I can lose myself in a show or a movie and just totally enjoy what he's doing in that role, knowing he loved doing what he did.  He's a unique character - a unicorn - of our times, of our world, and we watched him work so hard and yet we didn't see what may have been happening behind the scenes... this is unfortunate; as the depression and the problems of great actors and comedians often haunt them, leading to other more deeper things they don't wish to admit to; thinking we - their fans and their audience - wouldn't understand.

That Robin was as human as everyone around him.  

This is why I loved him and his movies, his shows... he was totally human - totally himself.

I think this is why his death has hurt us so much more than any other of our times - because he has become such a wonderfully brilliant, lovely, funnyman - we always thought he'd be around.

Rest In Peace Robin... and I hope your Heaven is just like the one you experienced in 'What Dreams May Come'... now, wouldn't that be a blast?


  1. Replies
    1. Yes it was. However, over the years, he did seek help for everything he had problems with; and so he was struggling with a lot throughout his life. Sometimes, people can't deal with what they've been served with... they just don't have to tools to work through the bad times as well as the good.