Friday, August 15, 2014

Wet Day Working

This morning, I woke at around 7am to rain.  It was a nice pitter-patter on the roof and I needed to get in and feed the chickens, Jay and then myself without getting too wet... nothing worse than wet clothes on a day of rain, where nothing dries.

Well, I pulled on my Wellies and trudged down the back in a waterproof jacket of my brother's, and fed the 'girls'.  They were running into each other, all over each other and jumping on my shoes to get to the food; but it got done... funny little critters!  I checked the coop and there was only one egg there, so I thought to leave it and wait until this afternoon when I let them out to check for more.

By the time I returned to feed Jay, the rain had begun to fall harder; so I waited until later in the day to take her for her walk... if it was going to back off.  Fortunately, a few hours later, it did.  Jay and I took a walk out in the back field and returned about twenty minutes before it poured rain again and the temperature dropped about ten degrees!  

Well, I made myself lunch and something to drink and went to work with my new line of pegs and things in the cottage where I'm staying.  This was at around midday... now it's almost 4pm and I've been working hard out there on a few things.  The cold and wet weather has made drying times longer.  So, I went out to the car and grabbed the suitcase I bought yesterday and decided to give it a good clean-out... and it looks ten times better now!

Anyway, the chickens are out in the yard now, they laid two more eggs and Jay's been fed today too... it's been a quiet day because of the rain and cold.  Tonight, I'm going to make some pasta... yummo!  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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