Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Day In the Life...

For those who don't know what it's like to have a medical condition and medication every day, I thought to write a post about it.  

6am - First alarm goes off.  It's time for my Epilum.  Grab the phone, turn off the alarm, take my purple pill, go back to sleep.

7am - Second alarm goes off.  It's time for my Topamax.  The sun is just peaking over the roofs of my neighbours and it's cold.  Turn off my alarm take my pill and doze until 7:30am.

7:30am - Third alarm goes off and I turn that off and take my Tegritol.  The neighbourhood Islamic kids run off to school past my house talking to each other.  I wait another half hour before I get up.

8:15am - I get up, strip the bed, get dressed in my painting gear and take the laundry downstairs with my phone, glasses and anything else I remember to take in the laundry basket and put on the first load of laundry - the sheets - then put on some porridge for breakfast.  After the pot is on the stove, I open all the curtains and let in the sunlight for the day.

10:45am - all the laundry is finished.  I've washed up a fair bit of stuff, put away the Dutch Oven from last night and scrubbed the wooden board I usually use every day and it's sitting on the back of the stove drying out.  
I've taken photos of my newest line of products as I go.  There's a few new pegs I painted up last night with cracking medium and put two totally opposite colours together - and they worked! - then there were the two coathangers I hoped worked; and they did!

11:30am - I've been online for a bit now.  I've checked my e-mail, talked online with a friend and uploaded a photo on to 365Project (a photographic site where you put up a photo of something you do each day - it goes over a year - but I've been doing mine for 4 years now).  Anyway, I've take a photo of my Dutch Oven I bought years ago in Epsom, Victoria as it's a cool little thing, and put it up there.

1pm - I'm back at my craft table.  I have to get working on some normal pegs again.  There's plenty of cracked decor stuff to start the new line of products, now to keep going with the other lines I already have going.  It's good to know I have so much work to keep me busy for this month's markets.  Over the next hour or so, I get in and paint as much as I can, then I put out the rubbish and the recycling in the big bin at the back of the complex, and finally, I get myself out the front - where the sun is nice and warm - and get my nose into a book for the first time in a few weeks.  

3pm - Jeez I'm hungry!  First check the laundry... yep, most of it's dry.  Pull in the sheets and anything else that's dry and leave the rest for the sun to get until 4pm.
I take the sheets upstairs and make up the bed - moving the glory box first - and then put away any clothes that need it.  

4pm - make a pizza dough and put a towel over the bowl.  Set my iPod timer for an hour and pull in the rest of the laundry - it's still a little damp - so I pull out the large clothes horse and hang up the rest of the stuff overnight; it should be dry by tomorrow.

5pm - the timer goes off, I have all the ingredients ready for the pizza and oven turned on and ready for it too!  The television is on and the curtains have been drawn for around 45 minutes now to keep in the warmth from the day.  

6pm - time for my Epilum... I take it just as Family Feud starts and I'm sitting on my lounge eating my dessert of kiwi fruit, grapes and yoghurt and a little bit of dark chocolate.  I've made myself a nice pot of green tea too.  

7pm - time for my Topamax... Neighbours has just finished and I'm putting on a dvd of one of the seasons of 'Supernatural' as I pick up my sewing.  I'm making a hand-stitched piece for the Secret Santa deal at my craft group... it's a Tie Cushion... it's a whole lot of men's ties all tied up and stitched on to a large cushion and then their stitched to each other side to side and at their bottoms (so it gives) and then you use it as a proper cushion once the stuffing is put back in.  It's very cool... and almost finished. 

7:30pm - time for my Tegritol... sometimes I miss this by around 15 minutes, but not by long as I feel its affects pretty quick if I do.  I take this and drink my tea as I stitch more. 

9:40pm - the 4 episodes of 'Supernatural' are finished.  I've finished stitching up one tie and started on another and I'm tired.  I put away the dvd and turn off the television.

Sometimes I'll finish off the washing up, sit on the computer for an hour or so, or just head off to bed and read before turning out the light.  But I do have days where it's more busy and I'm out in the car - like my grocery days - but this is my average day at home where I do my craft work for a good part of the day and have a lot of waiting around to do for things to dry.

My medical condition hasn't always been this easy to control or medicate.  It took over a decade of tests, doctors and traveling to Melbourne and back to Brisbane to find the right doctors to get me into the right medications to finally set my Epilepsy right.  i was born with this disease (it used to be a medical condition; but has, in recent years, upgraded to a disease because of what it does to the human brain over time) and we found out over the last few years that my Epilepsy is genetic as well.  This is the reason why I don't have children.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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