Thursday, August 14, 2014

House-Sitting Again!

Well, here I am at Brighton in Brisbane, house-sitting my brother's house again.  I arrived yesterday around lunch time and today was my first full day out and about in my Little Green Machine doing what I needed to get done before the rains came for the weekend.  

Gabe and Kat did have breakfast here with me, packed the Kombi and then took off... leaving Jay the Wonderdog in my care; and I went out about an hour later, hoping to get everything done that I wanted to get done... and I did!

Mind you, it did take a good part of my day to get everything I needed; including buying toilet paper and getting some milk.  But I didn't want to get stuck in the rain around these parts... so I thought today was the best day to get things done.

I searched high and low for the vintage suitcase... but couldn't find one until a lady in an old-fashioned shoe shop told me about an antiques store at Deagon and photocopied a map of this area for me, high-lighting the roads I needed to take - what at great help!  I found the place, pulled in and found this antiques store brilliant, filled with all kinds of goodies and then asked the owner about suitcases and he pointed out two... one was a lovely blue and white one for $12 and the other looked very, very well-traveled.  This second one had stickers hanging off it, half its skin tarnished and yet it was still holding together quite well!  So, I asked what its story was, and he happily told me that he had had it since the 1960's; and had bought it off Rudyard Kipling himself in India!  Talk about the WOW factor!  He wasn't going to part with that one for any more than $120... and personally, I don't blame him.  So, I bought the $12 one and said he was very lucky to be in possession of such a greatly traveled suitcase which was owned by such a brilliant writer!

Otherwise, I spent most of my day walking around Sandgate Township Common; with Little Green Machine safely parked uncover... and only just made it back in time for the 2 hour parking limit to be up... *phew!*.... I walked around the place looking into all the charity stores and asking about the suitcases and trying to find 'The Book Shack'.  Nobody had suitcases, and yet it seemed there were two answers to 'The Book Shack':  either nobody had ever heard of it, or they didn't know where it was because they didn't live in the area, but they took a wild guess where it might be!  

By the time I arrived home with the suitcase, a couple of crazy ties, the milk and toilet paper, I was stuffed!  But I had to take Jay for a walk and let the chickens out for their wander around the place...  yep, it was around 3pm.  So, I did that, fed Jay and - before long  it was time to feed myself!  It's only 10pm and I'm ready for bed!  I haven't done much, just searched for a bookstore and an old suitcase.... never knew it would take so long... hehe... well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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