Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday - August too!

Wow!  I mean... wow!  It's August already!  It's amazing just how fast the year flies by when you're having fun - even when you're not, it seems to zip by when you're not looking!

Today, I woke up to rain.  Yes, it's starting to rain around here and it's good to make my garden grow too.  I forgot to mow the lawn over the weekend, seeing I was working hard on the new line of products for my Crafty Pegs stall at the Handmade & Boutique Markets (yes that's undergone a new name too - from The Creative Markets to the above name - which I think sounds classier and much better; even if it is a bit of mouthful!).

Anyway, I was out and about today getting more Megga-Pegs and some milk and checking on Mum and Dad's house for bit.  They're away for a day or two and I thought to make sure the house was okay and to water the plants - indoor ones that is.  I found some stuff in the letter box and opened the mail from there and found the neighbours had been trying to get in contact with Dad.  So, I did the running around the talked to the neighbours and then the real estate and and finally - when I arrived home - the neighbours phoned me.  What a day!

During the rest of my day, I was at Craft Group for three hours.  It was great!  I got so much done.  I had to take an extra box with me filled with stuff that I wanted to start on, and everyone was amazed that I had so many Dolly Pegs all sanded down, and the I had been out shopping for Megga-Pegs and had them all ready to get sanded down one by one.  I had a few sprung pegs all ready to be painted and weathered and then I worked on one Dolly Peg and painted some pretty flowers on it.  

But I still have a long way to go with this new line.  I have more picture frames I want to get to weather them and paint them up.  However, finding them is easier said than done; and it seems the only place with the best range at the lowest prices is K-Mart... I can't even find good picture frames at charity stores that I'd like to do up.  I do have some here at home, but I'll have to seriously look at them to see what I can do with them first before going out and buying any.

Well, that was my Monday.  How was yours?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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