Sunday, August 17, 2014

Going Home Today

Today, I'm off home from Brighton.  The rain has cleared up, the sun is out, the sky is blue again; and just when I'm off home... isn't that just the way it would go?  Yeah, sure... just when I'd like a bit of warm weather to help dry my painted work.  

Well, I'm missing my place a lot - particularly my own space, my kitchen and my art area where I can spread out more.  But really I am missing my bedroom where I have lovely bed to sleep in instead of a futon.  I don't mean anything against my brother and his girlfriend, but the guest bed they have isn't all that comfy... but that's just me.  I'm used a nice Queen Sized bed with a huge firm mattress; that's all.

Anyway, it's been nice to be here enjoying the place and being able to get out and about is great!  I've loved the difference in having a car to use this time; and that on Thursday I went out and found myself a vintage suitcase which didn't cost me the Earth - just $12) and now my new display is going to come together nicely.  

But over the last few days, it's been doing nothing but raining.  So, I've been painting, sewing and watching movies on my brother's computer.  I have been cooking all my meals at home too, so all the food I've brought with me is almost gone.  I've taking home with me most of the food I've brought with me because it was my grocery shopping - well some of it.  I will leave some things here, just cold stuff, you know.
The chickens have been the funniest things here.  They followed me around all the time - and I found one out of the pen this morning.  How she got out is beyond me!  And I wondered how long she'd been out as well.  So, I quickly fed them all.  Before that, poor Jay had been sick, throwing up in the guest room after she sat outside my door.  I let her in, she wandered around and then was sick... poor girl.  She gave me the most guilty look, but she wasn't sick again.  I think she just wasn't feeling great that's all.  After her walk this morning - and discovering a Bearded Dragon in the back field, who wasn't very happy she was sniffing him - she has been happily snoozing and rolling around on the grass.

Otherwise, Mum and Dad have arrived home - as of last night - from their holiday (yeah, they went away again).  I'm looking forward to getting home and Gabe and Kat are coming home soon too as well.  We've all been away over the last few days.  What have you been up to lately where everything is different for you?  Have you been house sitting - like I have? - or are you enjoying a different aspect on life altogether?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. How long were you house sitting for?

    1. About 4-5 days. It poured rain and was freezing cold for most of those days; so I spent them either watching television/movies, reading, writing or painting with Jay the dog sleeping in the next room.