Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Safety is the Key

I have lived in the exact same place, the same townhouse, for almost 13 years.  Yeah, that's a long time, and I've made my house a home over the last year especially because I now have access to a car.

However of the last week, I've had a bit of stress.  There's been somebody around my unit complex who has been trying to get into my house through the car port door when I leave. Now, I lock up everything properly - deadlock the main doors and the screen doors - only to arrive home hours later (sometimes at the end of the day) to find my car port screen door unlocked.  
Before you say that might have forgotten to lock it, I didn't.  Over the weekend, I made myself remember to lock it and double check it was locked (even shook the door to be sure) and it was definitely locked properly.  But when I got home and put the key in the door and turned it, it had been unlocked by somebody who approached my home at some point after I left.

Today, I told my landlords.  They were not pleased and we took immediate action in getting new locks.  While I did that, we found out my next door neighbours have been having the same problems, but they get it when they wake up in the mornings.  So, I told my Dad - who is the Body Corporate Chairperson - who passed this information onto the Body Corporate. 
He's disgusted that we can't live here safely, that we can't go out without worrying about if somebody around the place we live in is trying to break into our homes.  And it is somebody within the unit complex because I moved my car to the back of the complex today for 3 hours and nothing happened.  Nobody approached my place to even try it... so it's a resident here who knows what my car looks like and who owns it.  

And this is the dreadful part of it all!  It's probably somebody I know too!

I hate that I have to live in a certain kind of fear in a place where I've lived for over a decade; all because I come in possession of a car.  I hate it because I now feel I don't want to live here anymore... I feel the most unsafe in my own home - which isn't good - I should feel free, but I don't.

And even when this get looked into, I wonder what other drama will occur to interfere with my life that this person will do to make sure I feel I can't leave my home for anything more but a carton of milk from the service station next door?  It really makes you wonder why the hell this kind of thing happens in places like this in the first place, doesn't it?

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