Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saturday Celebrations

Yesterday, I was up bright and early, had a nice hot shower and finished up cleaning up the house.  There were just a few things to put away, I had to move the lounge, organised the wiping up, sweep out the hall to the kitchen and then?  Well, I made myself something to drink, and hung out on the net for a bit until people began arriving.

After a few phone calls from relatives, I had Dad show up and he dropped off tables, chairs and the bbq and then said he'd see me in about an hour.  Then Mum showed up and found nothing had been done, she asked why.  I told her that Dad told me to not start anything until Gabe and Kat arrived with the marque - at which she balked!  We got it all going quickly and set the tables up, chairs out and - before we knew it - everyone started to arrive.  I put on the music and it was all going.

Graham - one of my friends from the sci-fi writer's group - showed up and then Dad did and Gabe and Kat and Aunty Helen and we all kicked back and scoffed into some nibblies and drinks.  Gabe shared his home brew and we sat out in the back yard enjoying the shade of the Lilly-Pilly's as the breeze began to kick in... it wasn't hot, but it wasn't cold either, it was just right!  A lovely Spring day for my birthday gathering and Mum and Dad's 45th Wedding Anniversary too.  
Then, we got in and started cooking on the bbq and getting out the salads and stuff for lunch.  It was wonderful how quick and easy it was.  Everyone loved the 'C Salad' I made (most of the additional ingredients in it started with 'C' - cashews, cranberries, cherry tomatoes, carrots... you know... otherwise there was lettuce in it as a main starter).  Dad cooked up some gourmet sausages and other yummy stuff for the meat-eaters and Gabe and Kat brought along a few packets of wraps in case we all felt like one.
Aunty Helen forgot the time and had to take off to do some shopping for Oma (her Mother In Law), needing to meet Kate to help her; and she left before my birthday cake was brought out.  She felt bad about that, but it couldn't be avoided.  She took off after bidding everyone farewell, me a happy birthday, and Mum and Dad a Happy Anniversary.

Then, we all sat around for a little while, chatting and enjoying the afternoon, the shade and the music.  Gabe had a look around my place - as he hadn't been here for a long time.  I showed him a new addition to my place which I had put up only yesterday morning and then, I showed him the hall table I had bought earlier this year.  He had only seen a photo of it on Facebook, and he said it was in the perfect place and it was beautiful.  Then, he spotted the family photo collage where I had put in lovely photos of everyone in it - even the pets of Little Miss Stevie and Jay - and he said it was wonderful I had that right in the middle.  He said the hall table looked like something of importance and that I could add to it by putting up more photos along the wall; which I will do once I find picture hooks that stick to the wall as there's water pipes behind that wall.
Otherwise, we looked at my office - which he jokingly called 'the fire trap' and he said I had an amazing collection of books.  I said I do go through them and give away books I just don't want to read anymore, then it gives me room to add to them again.  Gabe said it made sense to do that, otherwise it'll get out of control.

We headed back downstairs and it was time for the cake.  I put on a jacket as I felt it was getting cool, and Mum brought out the cake, cream and plates and everyone sang happy birthday.  Mum and Gabe got out the cameras and I didn't know where to look... it was funny!  Anyway, everyone got their photos and I cut the chocolate tart.  Mum cut it up into small slices and then we made coffee and ate our tart.  Gabe showed Kat the photos he took on his phone of the photo collage upstairs on the hall table, and she loved it, asking if I had other photos of Gabe when he was younger.  I said I did and raced upstairs and picked up an album of family photos, which she looked through, and everyone had some good laughs at.  There were some fun photos of me in it when I was around 6 years old and younger, which Kat thought were cute, and she said Dad looked all so serious in a few of them too.  
Soon, though, Graham said he had to make tracks and we gave him a couple of slices of the chocolate tart for him and his wife (as she couldn't make it) to have.  He took that home with him thanking us for having him, and saying that the others I had invited (I had invited about 8 other people who had said yes at first, then no when they got the invite through the e-mail) had missed out on a great day of hanging out, food and laughs; and he'd come back again if he was invited - and next time he'd talk his wife into coming along.

I did receive some presents yesterday - something I wasn't expecting from some of my visitors.  From Aunty Helen, I received, a set of lovely purple bath towels with matching hand towel and face washer.  Graham gave me a $30 gift voucher from 'StrandBags' and Gabe and Kat gave me a Bromeliad for indoors and Gabe made me a gorgeous necklace he made from scratch... it's so pretty!  They didn't have to give me anything, just come and enjoy the food and get-together, but the gifts are just so lovely!

By the time we cleaned up, packed up and had everything put away, it was almost 4:30pm.  I wished Mum and Dad a Happy 45th Anniversary.  Dad said it wasn't exactly what he had planned, but he enjoyed himself as it was a lovely, relaxing day, in the shade of my yard, hanging out with family; it ended up being just perfect seeing how the weather turned out - which was blues skies, a lovely Spring breeze and the shade of Lilly-Pilly's over my garden... yep, a perfect Spring Day in Brisbane.  Who could ask for more for a birthday and an Anniversary celebration combination?  Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe, and remember, I'm always here. 

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