Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just Can't Win

It seems that I can't seem to win.  I've been trying to date online and offline for some time now; and just when I think I've figured it out, it seems that I scare the men away.  And last week was a great example of how to scare somebody without really meaning to.

This guy and myself had been talking on the phone and internet for about a week or so.  We hadn't met up due to both of us not having all that much money and his car being at the shop for repairs.  Both of us enjoyed a lot of stuff in common: music, reading, sports and cooking delicious food!  We hated the same stuff too: junk food, smoking and couldn't suffer fools.  So, I'm wondering what went wrong between last Sunday and today (we were supposed to go to the markets near me).  
Last Wednesday, he smsed me and told me that his car cost him more than he expected and he felt rotten about telling me that we'd have to give today a miss.  Then.... I didn't hear from him after that.  I tried calling him, but his phone either went to message bank or told me it was switched off.  And don't you hate it when people do that do you?
Mum smsed me today - thinking we were/are at the markets - and I called her back from home telling her that I wasn't there but here alone.  She was surprised.  She asked what happened and I told her.  However, Mum thinks there's more to it; and so do I.  I've been put through many excuses of bullshit before; and the list is long, but there are a few favourites that keep getting used:

It's not you it's me.
I'm sorry, I flat broke this week.
Did you really want to go out?
My car broke down an it's cost me a fortune to get it towed.
I think we're growing apart.
Um... I have been dating other women.  Haven't you been seeing other guys?
Well, we might have too much in common.
I only like you as a friend, but not much more, sorry.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the lame excuses men will use to get away from women.  But, there are some real doozies when they want to get near you!  However, they are for another post at another time.

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