Thursday, March 11, 2010

To Be Lost So Young

I was shocked this morning to hear on the news that Corey Haim has passed away from what was reported as an accidental drug overdose. It's reported that he had been using over-the-counter prescription drugs and collapsed at his Mother's house in California late last night. Corey was a child-star and had a massive following of fans throughout the 1980's. He shaped a generation in his roles with such movies as 'The Edison Twins in 1982 (which was his first television series), 'Silver Bullet' (1985), 'Lucas' (1986), 'The Lost Boys' (1987), 'License To Drive' (1988), 'Dream A Little Dream (1989), 'Blown Away' (1992), 'Merlin' (2000), 'The Lost Boys 2 - The Lost Tribe' (2008), 'American Sunset' (2009); he starred in over 35 films and produced a number of others as well.

After 'The Lost Boys', he was often seen hanging out with Corey Feldman and the two got together and did a reality television series called 'The Two Coreys' which was canceled in its second season. But the two kept in contact and stayed friends; starring in 'The Lost Boys 2 - The Lost Tribe' in 2008.
I've been digging around on the net and found out a lot about his life and read a lot of sites that have conflicting news reports on them.

However, I did find his official myspace and website for you all to have a look at and read up on him. Corey Haim will be remembered as a great child star who had problems, but I personally will remember him in 'The Lost Boys' as Sam. That film was the best teen vampire film by far!

Corey Haim 1971 - 2010. May He Rest In Peace.

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