Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Busy, Hot, Sticky Day

Today, I had a few things to do, but today was also very hot and sticky very early on in the day.  So, I made sure I had a bottle of water with me and I dressed accordingly to the heat. 

I did get a lot done today.  This included going back to Coles and exchanging some vegetable oil for Crisco Vegetable oil.  The Coles brand one was cheaper, but I couldn't for the life of me get the lid off.  I tried everything!  And when I got it to the service counter, the lady next to me took the bottle and she said, 'It's easy.' and then she struggled with it for a few moments before she managed to get it open.  I said I'm not going to wear the oil every time I need to open it.  Shrugging she put the lid back on and gave it back to me... and I got to exchange the oil for a more expensive oil where the lid was a flip-lid not a screw-on one.  

I went off to Life Line Super Store to find some pewter/tin cups to use when I get the new bench built.  I found 5 of them at $2.00 each!  How cool is that?  While I was there, I found a very nice, retro piece to put in my bedroom... it matches everything and looks lovely.  I just have to clean it up and replace the string with wire, and it'll be ready to go.

Before long, I was off to the Logan Art Gallery. They're in preparations to celebrate their 20 Year Anniversary here in Logan City.  And well, they asked the artists of Logan - who have had an exhibition there - to paint something for them on a 20cmx20cm size board or canvas.  So, I jumped right in and did just that.  I handed my piece in last week, and the exhibition opens on 30th, January.  I can't wait!  Well, I went there to loan them a piece of memorabilia I received on the 10th Anniversary.  Chelsea was so pleased I found it, and was willing to loan it to the gallery; as nobody had brought theirs in to show.

I was out into the heat again and driving to Springwood to pick up some conditioner and then to the junk store in search of the over-sized pegs I love to paint.  But they didn't have any, so I looked for some Valentine's Day things to dress up my stall; and found a lot of it hanging around.  So, I spent a bit of money on it and found I could dress up my stall in a few weeks easily.  Wow... so much is going to happen in such a short length of time!

Once I got all I needed, I jumped back in the car and drove home.  It was good to get home where it was cooler and surf the net with the air-conditioner on... I just don't want to be outside right now, it's too darned hot.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here. 

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