Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hot Saturday Markets

This morning, I woke to my 7am alarm and made myself get out of bed and get ready to go to the markets at Memorial Park here in Brunswick Heads.

This market is usually on the first Saturday of the month, each month and I'm normally not here for it.  But this time, I am able to stay for it because I've got a car to go home whenever I want to.

Well, I was off from the van before my folks even got out of bed to score myself a few bargain things I've wanted to look at.  People were still setting up when I arrived and so I found the place wasn't really humming yet.

The first thing I bought was a new cutting board.  The guy who makes these has a strong European accent, but he makes the best cutting boards in all shapes and sizes from all kinds of woods; and they are well worth the money.  I found a discounted rack he had them all sitting in and laid my hands on one I totally wanted the moment I picked it up... it was gorgeous, just the right size and had no knots in it.  And I asked how much it was - he said half price: $25!  How cool is that?  I forked over my money and was happy with my purchase.
There were so many book stalls there, I didn't know which one to look at first.  But the Book Bus wasn't there unfortunately.  I wish it was, I would be able to talk about it on My Reading List... as it's such an amazing stall that it's meant to be experienced to be believed.   However, this time around, it wasn't anywhere to be found.  So, I found two books I liked.  One was some collective works by Dorothy Parker and the other was a biography of Iggy Pop; both very great books to own.  I also bought a book on how to grow bromiliades; it's from the 1970's and I'm hoping it will keep mine from either dying on me or multiplying too much.  
Well, I ran into a writer friend of mine - Dawn Alice - from the Logan Writers and we had a chat after I got a reading done from a friend of hers.  It's great to run into friends like this here; when you least expect to... anyway, I went in search of coffee.  It was around 9am, and I really needed to sit down and have a rest and a cup of coffee and something to eat.  So, I found this place called 'Coffee Oasis' where the man made the most delicious Chai I've ever had.  It was the kind of Chai my brother, Gabe, would have had in India when he traveled around there.  I sat at a table and chatted with some people while we listened to the stylings of a young man across the way from us on his guitar.  He was selling his EP for $10... it has only 5 songs on it, but this is the kinda place people start out at.  I bought the EP and played it back at the van.  He's great!
Well, I went on my way in the search for a hat... something nice and bright.  I looked around the hat stall, but they were to far too expensive.  I didn't want to spend $30 on a hat... it's just not worth it.  So, I found another stall where I found a very colourful, rainbow one for $16.  Perfect!  I love it as it's got 2 brims on it and it keeps its shape.  

Anyway, Mum called and I waited around for her to arrive.  When she did, we walked to the Soap Lady where Mum bought a huge amount of soap; and I found some soap for my feet (my feet are really rough, honestly, they are!  I wear a lot of sandals and don't care for my feet as well as I should).  And then we looked at some jewellery, leather goods, plants, bead thingys that are substitutes for water, and then at a jumble stall... and then?  We were off back to the van.  Mum didn't want to look at anything else.  I had found what I was looking for - and even picked up a nice basket made from recycled materials in Burma (or somewhere near there) by a man who uses old packing tape.  He doesn't speak English, lives in the middle of the jungle and just makes baskets all the time... when this lady who sells the baskets takes them off his hands, and she returns with his money, she gives it to him in cash as he doesn't have a bank account or a phone or is anywhere near a town to do anything modern.  So, people have been buying these baskets like hot cakes.  I bought a small one for when I go to my writer's groups or volunteer work and I want to take stuff with me; and I don't want to lug a bag with me.  
Well, I better get packing soon... time is going to get on and I'm going to end up leaving things behind otherwise.  But I've had a great week here in Brunswick Heads.  

I've been to Mullumbimby and bought some Lemon Butter (which amazingly my Dad loves... this from a man who doesn't normally like it) and it's the nicest Lemon Butter around!  On the same day, I bought a towel set in its original packaging by Supertex, a lovely mug and a bowl from Re Sould; a cool little retro store here in Brunswick Heads (yes, you can find it on Facebook... go and have a gander).

Then, we went out to trivia night - Mum and I - and we had a great time.  I drove up to the Bowls Club and we had a wonderful time, our team coming in 6th... and Mum and I shared a bowl of wedges.  Then, we were home by 9pm.  It was a good night.

NYE was great... well, until the storm hit at around 10:30pm or so.  And man!  What a storm!  It lasted around 6 hours and didn't quit until 4am.  Not many of us got much sleep that night, so we all felt very hung over - more so than normal - the next day.  When we found we didn't have another storm on New Year's Day - we all got a very early night... how well did we all sleep!

The weather has been pretty much very steamy and hot, with bouts of rain and a storm... really weird weather.  I am looking forward to being at home because I'm getting cabin fever.  Otherwise, I'm not liking the attitude I'll be returning to of my townhouse complex.  I just hope it all gets better than it has been in the last year.  Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember I'm always here.

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