Friday, January 30, 2015

Colleen McCollough's Obituary Sums Her Up Badly

Colleen McCollough has passed away.  What a brilliant writer, a great asset to what it means to be Australian, here in her home country as well as across the world.

However, how her obit was written, you'd think whoever wrote it wasn't thinking of her as a person, as a writer, as one of the world's best literary people of this generation - as well as the past generation - has ever seen.  No, I read her obituary and thought it was disgusting to find she was judged in the first paragraph to be a man-hunter, to be worrying about her figure to be ... shallow... and that she 'had not problems attracting men'.

This is not how you write an obituary.  

Please find in the link below the article which has started me writing this post:

Colleen McCollough's Obituary Written Badly

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