Friday, January 9, 2015

Early Morning Chores

I woke to my alarm at 6am and snoozed to my 7am alarm.  Soon after I was up and about stripping the bed and putting on the laundry while I was outside mowing the lawn and clipping the edges. 

This was my second time out in the garden to work on the lawn this week; as we had had some pretty heavy rain and it had grown again.  But I didn't want it growing so much my mower couldn't get through it.  This time around, it was easier to mow and I got out my hedge clippers and clipped the thick grass which had grown around the edges of my lawn.

Before long, the large Queen-sized blanket was washed, but it didn't fit in my washing machine.  So, I asked my next door neighbours if I could put it into their machine to spin it... and they said yes.  Soon enough, all the sheets and blanket was out on the line; and the sun dried them off nice and quick.

Just now, though, it began to look like rain.  So, I thought to go and check the laundry.  As I stepped outside, the first few drops began to fall!  As quickly as I could, I pulled everything in; and it really began to come down!  How fortunate was that?  Now, it's just settling in and I've got all my laundry dry - including the blanket.

I've also started out cleaning out the house again.  Yes, this month I'm getting into Clean-Out mode in the house.  So far, I've cleaned out the corner next to the pantry and it's staying the way it is permanently.  Then, I found a good sturdy cardboard box and wrote 'Donation Box' on the sides of it, where all the donated things are going into it. When it's full, I'll cart it off to the charity store, empty it and then bring it home to do it again.  I got this idea off the Peter Walsh Facebook Page... what a great man he is.
I also have clean up the set of drawers in the spare room wardrobe in preparation for the new Crafty Pegs/Art Area Work Bench.  It'll be one of the things that are added on to the bench while it's being built.  I can't wait to get it worked on and produced after Dad gets home soon.  But if I get the drawers looked after beforehand, it'll work out better and easier than if I never did it before. 

This weekend, I'm hoping to get my house looking normal again; you know, put away the Christmas decorations and make the house look like it normally does all year around.  While I'm doing that, I'll get in and clean out some of the places around the house and donate and throw out what isn't needed.  Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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