Friday, January 23, 2015

A Week of Being Busy

This week has been such a busy one, I haven't had time to sit down and just write here.  And for this I must apologise. 

Today, it's pouring - and I mean absolutely teeming - rain.  So, it's time to get my butt into the seat and start writing this here post!

On Sunday, it was a stinker of a day.  I didn't do much except hang around the computer, the internet and the air conditioner - and do you really blame me?  Nah, me neither.  But that's all I really did... and oh, drink gallons of ice coffee and cranberry juice.

On Monday, I was off to Gabe and Kat's place to visit Riley.  My older brother and his partner were both back to work and Riley, my niece, was on her own.  So, we hung out for the day.  I arrived a little early, but I thought it being a Monday, the traffic was going to be bad - well, it wasn't.  Oh well.  Anyway, the day went well.  We talked about school, art, funny stuff we've done, funny stuff her Dad's done and patted Jay the wonderful woofy (who is getting on in years now).  Before we knew it, it was around lunch and we took off to The Fishmongers at Sandgate and had a fish burger - yummo! - and talked about 'Supernatural', our favourite show.  It was very cool!  I found a tomato plant growing wild by the side of the road and picked the most ripe-looking ones (around 8 or so) and popped them into my bag while Riley watched on laughing... when we got back home, I left some on the counter for Gabe and Kat to eat.  I said that I'd done that before - picked them off the side of the road - and there's nothing wrong with it.  Well, we started looking through art magazines and the net and then my Mum called up and said there was a storm coming, so I decided to make tracks home.  Before I did, I left some lovely, large folders of art magazines that I had been given by Kevin and Shirley Austin.  Riley loved it that I thought of her... but I did say that once she was finished with them, that I'd like them back.  I let her keep some magazines that I didn't want and we packed my car, I patted Jay and was on my way home.
I arrived home and put my share of the tomatoes in the fruit bowl to ripen, unpacked and then, I looked around for my hat... where it was it?  Um... it was still at Gabe and Kat's house.  Yeah, I had left a brightly-knitted hat at my brother's house.  How typical of me to leave at least one thing behind by accident.  Oh well, never mind.  

On Tuesday, I got money put across from one bank to another, some shopping done and then I looked at my groaning collection of biographies and autobiographies and remembered my promise to myself this year: to read some of these book this year.  So, I pulled one out and sat down and started reading it.  It was 'You'll Be Sorry When I'm Dead' by Marieke Hardy.  I know that sounds like a really drastic title, but really, it's a tongue-in-cheek read.  I sat on my lounge and started laughing the minute I began to read it... it's good funny read about her life.  I can't wait to get right into another reading session this afternoon.

On Wednesday, I did some morning shopping, got some money out, went out and bought a new RAM for the computer and then my neighbour put Windows8 on to it as well.  It was cool.  But it's complex and different too.  I'm still learning a lot about it.  All my Word7 documents come up as Wingdings in WordPad... hahahaa... no, I kid you not!  So, we've had to find another way to get them edited.  Anyway, I'm hoping my friends who I'm communicating with and they're editing my work, don't have problems with my writing.  If they do, well, I'll be up shit creek - literally. 

Thursday was a day out at the doctors figuring out why my white and red cells were wonky... it turns out my allergies have played up more than usual this year.  And it's also because I've been hanging out with my neighbour's and their cat more than usual; so my body has been working overtime thinking the cats are threats... great... oh well.  That's how it all goes.  Mum thinks my house is sick, but then I do live on a busy road, and my house is always dusty.  I dust and vacuum and three days later, it's back - so really I've given up.  
Then, we had lunch at Zambrero's at Springwood... a cool little Mexican place.  Mum loved it.  It wasn't too expensive and the food was very fresh.  In the end, we shared the rest of my corn chips from my nachos... delicious!
I hung out at their place after we did some shopping and it began to rain.  Then the next thing we knew, it was 5pm!  Wow!  How did that happen?  So, I headed off home and made myself a quick snack of a cheese platter - as that's all I wanted to eat - and sat down just in time for 'Family Feud'... funny show that.

Today, I've been working on backing up my computer a bit, doing my laundry, have put out the rubbish, sorted through some junk to put in the Donation Box to give away and am hoping to finish tidying up the living room a bit more and have the art area ready to go in the way of being fixed up for the new bench.  Seeing there's not going to be any drawers actually in it, and it's a standing bench, Dad and I should be able to make it this weekend whether it rains or not. So, how was your week?  Until my next post, take care, stay safe, and remember I'm always here.

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