Thursday, June 23, 2016


Since Sunday morning, I haven't had a voice - quite literally. I woke up and my voice was completely gone! 

I thought that over the day, it might come back. But nope, my voice had packed its bags and taken a vacation from me - leaving me to wonder exactly what the hell happened the night before at my class reunion? I had it then, but now in the bright sunlight, it was gone.

During the day, I called Mum and she was shocked to hear how I sounded; and she ordered me off to the doctors the next morning (as the weekend rates of doctors are disgustingly huge!). 
So, on Monday morning, I was at my local doctor's trying to figure out what the hell happened. Dr. Ross Taylor (a doctor Mum used to work with when I was in high school) looked down my throat, tested out my breathing and felt around my neck and said I had slight case of Laryngitis and to stay home - away from anyone and cancel any social appointments I have this week. Most of all, he said not to talk.

So, here I am, on Thursday, and this is horrible. I have needed to go out and do things - like to craft group, get the tyres on my car done and tomorrow, I have a chiropractor's appointment - but I have to put all that off until next week! It's not a good thing to be sick; but it's even worse when you can't be around people because of your voice. 

Last night, Mum dropped off some groceries I'd normally go out and buy for myself. She stayed outside while I came out and took them off her. She heard me try to speak and said it sounds like I'm not getting better; but not to worry, I will, and it will happen suddenly. One day I'll be without a voice, the next it'll come back. 
I really hope it happens soon. My life is really quiet at the moment. I don't mind the silence, but I'm really getting sick of my own company... not being able to go out isn't fun. And the car is just sitting there; and yet I don't want to spread this around. It's not something I want anyone to have; and yet I don't know where I got it from.

Well, I just thought to check in. So far, I've finished a dishcloth, done 3 loads of laundry, cleaned up the lounge room, found a diary I've been looking for, written 8 - 10 pages in 'The Red Ledger' about books, cleaned up the office and made the best batch of scones ever (and yet I can't share them with anyone!)... the things you can get done when you're stuck at home, right? Well, at least I'm getting them done. Well, until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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