Monday, June 20, 2016

Over The Weekend...

It's been a very wet and wild weekend here in Brisbane and down the East Coast of Australia. I went out on Saturday night and totally enjoyed myself at my 25 year class reunion for high school. I thought it would be terrible - seeing I had to go stag - but it wasn't. A lot of people went on their own. We had a great time and I left at around 11pm after catching up with so many of my old friends; who all chatted and caught up with me too.

Then, I woke up on Sunday morning without a voice! Yep, I found it hard to sleep in Saturday night, but I thought I was coming down with a chest infection from the last few weeks of not having early nights. But nope, I had caught something in the last week that's taken my voice from me... and after going to the doctors today, I was told I have a mild case of Laryngitis. I can't go out to any of my social places this week - but I can get my car looked at for new tyres - however, there's no Queen Beez Craft Group and no seeing my folks until my voice is totally back to normal. Most of all, no talking or singing (especially in the car... yeah, I love singing to the music in my car). 

Otherwise, while I had no voice yesterday, and it was a miserable day, so I got in and watched a few movies after making a huge amount of popcorn and grabbing a half-bag of chips that were left over in the pantry. Yep, I got right into watching 'The Matrix' Trilogy - and in between the first and second ones, I made dinner and ate it (which was home made lasagne - which was delicious! I have more to eat tomorrow night). By the time 'The Matrix - Revolutions' was finished, it was around 9:30pm and I had to clean up the kitchen from my cooking and the day.
The rain was still coming down and I didn't want to go outside just to put out the rubbish; so I tied it up ready for today. My throat was really sore and I thought to get up nice and early to get myself to the doctors to find out what the hell was wrong with my voice. Thankfully, Laryngitis is only a virus - and like all virus' will go away on its own. I just have to not talk or sing. Well, that was my weekend. I'm off to have my lunch of Lasagne. Yeah, I know, it was going to be tomorrow night's dinner, but I guess I can make more if I need to. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.

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