Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I wasn't going to be doing anything yesterday... but then, I was asked out by my niece - who I haven't hung around alone with in ages.

Dad asked if I could take her somewhere for a few hours and I jumped at the chance of taking her to show her my piece at the Logan Art Gallery and also take her on a tour of the place.

I picked her up at around 11am, but when I arrived, they hadn't arrived home yet. Dad had taken Riley to Aunty Narelle's and Uncle Iain's place for coffee. So, I waited and texted them to let them know I was at the house. It didn't take long to return and we chatted about the plans for the next few hours.  Dad said it sounded like I had made a few good plans and Riley looked forward to seeing some nice places around Logan.

The first place we were off to was the Kingston Butter Factory. I took her here first because it's a place of historical interest and it's also got an artistic area as well. I told Riley about how it used to be a real place of industry for South East Queensland until demand became too big and they had to move production somewhere else and close down the factory. She thought that was a pity, but great the building still stood - I said that it was unused for a very long time and became very much rotted and needed a lot of fixing by the council. 
When we walked to the place, she was amazed at how pretty it was and how quiet the area is. I told her that there's the Butterbox Theatre as well inside - and that I used to work there as a volunteer too. She loved that. 
We looked at the craft area upstairs and I asked if we could look at the theatre - as it was locked up - and the lady who had the keys let us in. I told the lady I used to work with the Butterbox Theatre Company and she asked if I remember Judith (the lady who ran it) and I did. We looked inside and Riley was amazed at how big the place was. I said that there is rumoured, and I could confirm those rumours as I have experienced things with the theatre company I just can't explain away and what happened don't make sense. Riley asked who it would be haunting the place, I told her that it's known as 'the lady in white' and but she's more active at night than in the daytime and she used to be a Butter Factory worker. But then, that's only what I've been told. 

The next place I took Riley to was another historical place: the Kingston Pioneer Cemetery where the Mayes Family is buried. She loved it; as it too is quiet and off the beaten track a little. She was amazed I knew about it. I said that I found the place years ago and the Logan City Council has looked after it better by putting a fence around it and a sign up for tourists. But it's still an open cemetery and one of the first in Logan City. She was touched to see some of the oldest residents of Logan were laid to rest there - but sad that some of graves didn't have headstones. I said that some of the families could only afford the fences, but not the headstones; and it's been so long, that not even the Logan Council knows who's buried here anymore. It's really sad when that happens. I was going to take Riley to Mayes Cottage but the place was closed until Thursday.

We took off to the Logan Art Gallery. I took the back way, along Jacaranda Avenue and we showed up at the Gallery at around midday. The place wasn't very busy and I Riley was really impressed with it. I walked her around the gallery telling her the history of the whole place and how long it's been open, what was there before it and how long the building has been there. Then, I took her out to the workshop and showed her that and the store room there and out into the garden as well...she was amazed that Logan City wasn't the only city of its kind in the world. I said there was a city just like Logan City in Japan - our sister city - and we communicate with it artistically every two years. 
I showed her the exhibition where the children have done their artwork; and she was surprised at how good year 5 artwork is. I said that the way they teach children over there is different to the Western way of life; it's more structured and the kids there have less distractions. She loved the Allsorts Exhibition and saw my work and took a photo of it; marveling at the stitching and how it was just amazing on its own and so different from all the other work in the exhibition.
Then, Jillian took her out the back and she let into the world of how exhibitions are put together; and how fast exhibitions are changed over at the gallery. At some bigger galleries, they take a month to change over an exhibit, whereas at the Logan Art Gallery, it takes a little over a day to do that same thing; and the people who work at getting it all done are there from around 9am until 5pm. They are constantly working to get it all right first time around. 

After the gallery, we walked out to the car, and Riley said she learned a lot about galleries and said that it must be a great place to work at the desk of. I said it is and that I'm constantly learning new things as well. 

We went to Diggers in Logan Central for lunch. This an RSL (Return Services League) for return soldiers anyone can join. I swiped my card and because Riley was under 18, she could walk in as my visitor. We had a wonderful vegetarian lunch of feta and spinach cannelloni and huge ice coffees as well. It was great to eat a lovely meal in a nice place without having to yell over traffic or any young kids. She really liked that place; and said the meal was huge! We couldn't finish our meals, they were that big!

Before long, we were back on the road and heading back to my folks' house to meet up with my parents to take Riley home. Dad, Riley and I sat down and had a chat about what we did and Riley said it was a great day. I made a status update on Facebook - mentioning her - and she loved it. 

It was a huge few hours with my 17 year-old niece and she loved hanging out with me and seeing some places around Logan City... places she's never been to before - and one where she was revisiting after a long time. I'm so glad I could show her around in the comfort of my car and it was a lovely Winter's day too.

Well, it was a busy day yesterday and a busy one today - and there's another couple coming up too. Today was shopping day and I got out late and came home late; but with the cold weather, I wanted to take my time. It's always nice to have a day dedicated to grocery shopping; where you don't have to rush to get it done. Until my next post, take care, stay safe and remember, I'm always here.


  1. Sounds like your 17 yo niece enjoyed her day and had a good history lesson with her aunty.

    1. Yep. We had a great day. The last time we were around Logan City together, she was 6 years old and we had to bus it everywhere and walk over a kilometer to get places.

      But with the convenience of a car, we got to see places that were off the beaten track and harder to get to... I'm looking forward to taking her to cooler places - like Rockaways - next time, when we have more time on our hands. :D