Monday, December 28, 2009

First Day Out.

It began to rain at 1am this morning; and that deluge caused everyone to want to take off to the loo! It was funny; but true. However, we awoke to a dreary wet day here in Brunswick Heads, which started out cold and warmed up quickly. As breakfast was being eaten, we heard that this rain that had come down overnight was all over the New South Wales and Queensland border. So, this got me thinking about whether Mum and my friend could me that meet-up in Bangalow from Lismore; where the rain was getting really bad, as she hadn't replied to my e-mail from yesterday. So, I e-mailed her again and suggested meeting up at a place, but she sets the time.

Today, we decided to do some shopping in Mullumbimby (Mullum for short) and so got ourselves ready and drove there in the rain. This little inland town is very laidback and hippy-like. There's a quiet and free feeling about it and I love visiting it. Mullum has always felt like this to me; even when I was young. And last year, I was thinking of moving here in the next few years; but decided against it.
On the main road is a huge health shop where you can purchase pretty much anything you want in the way of muesli, vitamens, fruit'n'veggies and organics as well. It's a big shop and I love going into it when I do get out to Mullum at this time of year.
Then, there's the Book Barn which used to be a bank as it has a vault without a door on it. This place has a massive variety of books where you can find pretty much whatever you wish to read on any given day or month or year. I'm a yearly regular here every Christmas; and love to bring home my share of either classics or collectables. And just look at the ones I found there!
Unfortunately, I didn't take the camera with me on this adventure, so you'll have to bear with me and put up with pictures from Google this time around. Sorry about that.

Seeing a lot of the shops were closed around Mullum this time - as today was a public holiday - Mum, Dad and I drove to Ocean Shores. This is about five minutes before Brunswick Heads; a little community over the mountains where everyone does their shopping. I had to buy a notebook and a few other bits of food for this week; nothing big.
On our way in to the shopping complex, we spotted cute little Jack Russel tied to a bin. We saw the same poor little guy on the way out when we came out an hour or so later; so Mum told one of the trolley guys about him and he said he'd get a bowl of water for him. Isn't that horrible when people forget about their pets; even when the weather is sultry, it's the heat the can get to them.
Ocean Shores is a lovely place. It's a lot quieter than it is here in Brunswick and a lot of holiday-makers go there to get away from everything. We've had a look around there, but have always come back to Brunswick Heads.

While there, we did some shopping and came back to the van. I wish I had taken my camera with me... bummer! There's always tomorrow; no matter what happens.

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