Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We awoke to a fresh and beautiful morning of sunshine and sea breezes today. So, it was time for everyone in the caravan part to attack the laundry with vigor, open up their annexes to air them out and hit the town with our money in our pockets to spend, spend, spend!

And that's exactly what I did once the initial morning showers were over and I finished talking about books to neighbour of ours who loves to get into the discussions with me about them. We perused through my 'Reading List' books that I keep each year; and I showed a new-comer to the van park my book of books and she was amazed at what I've read over the last decade or so - even more so at the number of books I've had my nose in this year.

But once the day cleared up and began to warm up, I thought it was time I let my feet do their walking around town. I firstly walked along what used to be the Pacific Highway (and is Tweed Street), crossed it and walked into 'Clem's Cargo'. This place is full of picnic baskets mirrors, tables, chairs, dummies, metal work, books, boxes... the list goes on. It's also full of crap too. But I won't go into exactly what kind, just that it's useless to me. But I did buy three books while I was there; one of them being a hard cover of a Stephen Lawhead book called 'The Grail'.
Pretty cool seeing it's out of print!
I then checked out whether or not the Vinnies was open across the street; but I read on the door that it wasn't until next Monday. Bummer! So, I visited the Vinnies on another street where I bought my shell the other day; and that was closed until next Monday too! It's not exacty what I was hoping for, but I guess I'll have to wait until I get home to purchase more coin purses from a second-hand shop.

Well, I walked along Fingal Street, past the Bakery, Community Noticeboard, Police Station and Brunswick Heads Primary School and to the post office to check out their postcards; but they didn't have a big variety. So, off to the newsagency I went and bought about ten of them; all very beautiful and glossy and beautifully photographed. I returned to the post office, wrote on them and posted them off and bought a bottle of water.

By this time, all the cafes were open, the Brunswick Hotel was well and truly in to it Lunchtime Rush and I thought it would be a good idea to head on home. I had checked on my e-mail at the 'Network Video' store's broadband internet and so I didn't need to check it again. Anyway, I walked back towards Park Street, walked down it and crossed to a shop called 'Whatever' where I normally can purchase pretty much anything in the way of notebooks; but none of them were in my price range. Besides, I knew the markets were coming to town... I may get something cool there instead.

I thought to get out my camera on the way past the closed-up fairgrounds and went and took some photos of the place and their new flags they have up, the South Arm of the Brunswick River (which is really a creek) and
then I chatted to some people who had the most friendly Labrador. His name was Ralph, but being only 18 months old and blind was his only handicap... well, he was the most friendly darling thing I had come across. They had a smaller dog called Ruby who was a sook, but she was also a sweetie. They were on their way to Byron with another lady and let the dogs out for a stretch before continuing.

I walked through Memorial Park where the markets are going to be (and they have marked out where each one is going to be with paint already)
and dawdled around the front of the 7-Wall beach; instead of taking Mona Lane. This takes me to the Caravan Park, but it also takes me to the riverfront walk where there's a gravel walk. It's nice and shady and pretty too. I often take this way to get back from a walk in town.
When I arrived back, I was invited to have crab sandwiches with Mum and Dad. Gotta say, they were delicious!

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