Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year and King Tides!

The last day of 2009 turned out to be a nice hot, sunny one. The cerillion skies have came back and a cool ocean breeze came off the river as boats and water craft traveled along its glittering surface.
Fishing has been fair; crabs not so good, as thieves have been around stealing our catch. Otherwise, we've all been having a good time when it's not raining; and a good one catching up on our reading when it is.

In the mid-afternoon, the camp grounds went really quiet as everyone was asleep, readying themselves for the long night ahead of partying and seeing in the New Year in their own way; wherever they ended up being for their won parties this year. I stayed awake and read a bit out of both books I've been getting my nose into; I just can't sleep during the day, I
end up more tired than when I closed my eyes and stay that way all night.

Our party was a sedate affair until the cocktails came out and the music went on. There were kids who just ate everything in sight, Queen singing 'Big Bum Girls' and some of us women got up and wiggled our butts in front of everyone (with cameras going off left and right!) and yes, I was one of them up there wigglin' my toosh around with a few other ladies. A pair of red flashing
butterfly glasses made the rounds and everyone had a go at them; me included (but I switched off the flasher as they stuff with my eyes), and I got some funny photos of people wearing them. Then, out came the funny hats... well, it was on for young and old then; mainly the older folks wore them this year! And they were really original too!

And dinner was just lovely. Everyone pitched in and made a dish. I made my famous Turkish Carrot Dip and one of the kids ate a majority of it before anyone else could; I felt terrible (and thankful I hadn't put out the
whole lot it would have made them sick). The carnivores had their pick of meat and us vegetarians had our pick from the salads, Boston Beans and other lovely dishes.
Then, there was dessert! What a great lot of food! And seeing the adults weren't too interested, I got Riley to grab herself something while I did. She was happy to come up with me and get some Pavlova and other yummy things to eat including Rum Balls, Caramel Slice and some chocolate meusli slice thing that was really rich! Otherwise, it all went down really well. The only thing we missed out on was singin Auld Lang Syne; that was a real pity; as everyone just retired to bed after midnight and didn't stick around for Queensland's New Year's Eve... but we did.

This morning, there was a King Tide; stingers and all! And being a non-swimmer, I just took the pleasure of photographing the beauty of the water instead of swimming in it. Why I don't swim? Well, I can't. I was taught, but I'm not a strong one; so I don't put myself in those situations where I'm out of my depth. And just look at how deep that water is! Isn't it gorgeous! Such a pity it's full of stingers and lice; but I was told the temperature was just perfect for how hot it's been.
I'm so grateful it didn't rain last night - as we've had some pretty bad weather during NYE and survived it. And overjoyed to see the sun out on the first day of a new decade on the new Century. It's just wonderful, too to know that my whole family are here in Brunswick - my brother, his girlfriend, Katrina, my niece, Mum and Dad and my little bird, Stevie. It was a great night last night; and I'm sure this year will be a wonderful one too!

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